All New Belkin’s Ultimate iPad Keyboard Case Looks Awesome

Belkin knows how to make stuff. Their latest accessory due out in mid-April will set you back by a full $99.99 possibly excluding shipping. But it sure brings a ton of features that range from the usual to some unique ones. The Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case for the iPad (4th, 3rd and 2nd gen) is a work of art combined with some sharp technical expertise in iPad case design.

In short, it’s good. I’m writing from a position of data gatherer so it’s all based on information I’ve ‘seen’, ‘heard’ and read. It’s not a product review per se but for those of you who want to get a refined, no-marketing copy of what the product really is, here’s to you:

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This is one of Belkin’s higher-end iPad cases. They’ve got a bunch of them but the Ultimate Keyboard Case has a couple of interesting features that would make a lot of difference to the way you use your iPad.

You’ve heard it all over the forums and blogs and websites: the iPad is turning into a much more versatile device and is replacing laptops. It’s mostly thanks to cases like these that the iPad becomes a very powerful gadget not just for consumption (reading, browsing etc.) but also for creation.

Here’s what’s in Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad:

Key Features:
Magnetic Snap Stand for Multiple Viewing Angles
It isn’t usual for a case to have a snap stand with magnets. This, I suppose, would make it pretty easy to snap the iPad to the various viewing angles. This must be helpful when you are using the iPad as a laptop and need to slide it back and forth as and when required.

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Bluetooth Keypad that’s More Like a Laptop Keyboard
The keypad which connects via Bluetooth like many of the iPad keyboard cases being sold has laptop-like spacious keys. This is what makes it more interesting than others that feature a standard keypad with a lot of keys and a little clutter. The keys are spaced much like the Apple keyboard so typing should be pretty easy and comfortable.

Flat-fold Design for A Comfortable Use
Most keyboard cases usually are bulky. By the looks of it, the Belkin Universal iPad Keyboard case does seem bulky too but not very much. In the promo video, the case seems to slide smoothly and make the iPad easy to hold and use too. Like how you’d hold an iPad with a slightly bulgy case (Otterbox?).

Thin and Light-weight
This is something everyone’s after. These keyboard cases are bulky and heavy. That’s a definite turn-off. But when Belkin says the case is made of aluminum, you are talking about a light-weight accessory basically. So, by a safe factor of guessing, the case, at less than half a kilogram (411g) should weight comfortably light.

Ultimate Keyboard Case is priced at $99.99 and you can pre-order it from Belkin’s official website.

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