Best iPad Air Keyboard Cases from Belkin: Lightweight, Classy and Beautiful

Nothing makes an iPad more powerful than a keypad case. It almost turns your iPad into a notebook and the combination of touch and type unleashes quite a power.

Belkin launched a set of iPad Air keypad cases called the QODE. There have been many innovative, aesthetic designs over the years but the QODE probably takes the cake for some of the finest, smartest and most outstanding iPad keyboard case designs.

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Belkin’s QODE series of keyboard cases for iPad Air is designed to align with the philosophy of iPad Air: light-weight, thin, comfortable and interesting in terms of design. The cases are durable and that goes without saying. What is impressive is that Belkin has actually worked to make the cases stronger while keeping them lighter and thinner. And that has not led them astray from beautifying the products.

Belin iPad Air Keypad Cases

There are three QODE iPad Air Keyboard Cases from Belkin:

  • QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case
  • QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case
  • QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case

1. Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad AirUltimate Keyboard Case for iPad AirThe QODE Ultimate Keyboard case is the costliest of the lot and justifiably so. It is complete iPad Air case which doubles up as a Bluetooth keyboard. With multiple viewing angles, a perfectly-designed keypad and protective layers that hold your iPad Air securely, the Ultimate Keyboard Case stands as an outstanding accessory. While all of Belkin’s keypad cases are designed for professionalism, this one is more so. As said before, it’s also light-weight.

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Price: $129.99 (Available at discounted price on Amazon)
Buy QODE Ultimate from Belkin or Amazon

2. Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air

Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad AirThe Thin Type Keyboard case is a futuristic piece of work (although not that much). It has a snap-on function so your iPad Air snaps shut. That also turns on the keypad On/Off automatically with the smart sensing function. The Thin Type doesn’t offer multiple viewing angles like the Ultimate but it has every other facility that you’ll need. Function keys for copy-paste, volume etc. make it absolutely unnecessary to switch on your laptop when you’ve got this case under your keypad.

Price: $99.99 (Available at discounted price on Amazon)
Buy QODE Thin Type Keypad from Belkin or Amazon

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3. Slim Type Keyboard Case

Slim Type Keyboard Case for iPad AirPerhaps, the best keypad case of all, the Slim Type is the perfect iPad Air case when you are traveling light and need a kickass case that looks sleek and beautiful. The Slim Type strikes a perfect balance between a professional look and a stylish appearance.

Price: $79.99
Buy QODE Slim Type from Amazon

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