At $5.99 (that includes all the IAPs), Beesy very much sounds like a professional iPad app built for businessmen. And it stands the test quite well.

Beesy is an iPad app designed for automated task management, note-taking, task-assignment and collaboration and it does pretty good. Beesy’s credibility needs no introduction: it featured in Evernote Trunk, so that says a lot about Beesy’s prowess as a note-taking app.  You can also check our post on best note-taking apps.

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Beesy iPad App Review

Designed to be an all-in-one solution for business folk to take notes, share them, assign tasks and create to-do lists, the app comes with quite a bunch of features. At its core is the to-do list / task management app which embeds your calendar into the equation so you can create event-based to-do lists and tasks. And of course, track them better.

When we talk about Beesy’s note-taking and task management capabilities, they’re quite simplified but powerful. There’s no learning curve involved and you can almost start taking notes instantly. However, as you dig deeper, the app begins to show its true sophistication. The reason it got featured on Evernote Trunk was perhaps the versatility of the app.

Tasks are organized into Urgent/Non-Urgent and Important/Non-Important. Then come Actions which is where the real power is hidden. Beesy allows you to assign tasks to people, share or email notes and create group goals and projects. And you get to manage them like a pro.

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Incidentally, this is where Beesy begins to get a little complex and obviously sophisticated. If you learn the ropes, though, you’ll be on the way to master Beesy as a powerful tool for productivity.

Beesy can be used as a task management app – both personally and as a group – but the project management aspect of it is where it scores well.

Beesy also provides additional features like document import/export, report generation and more.

The app sells for $4.99 along with three IAPs ($1.99 each). For the price, it’s quite worthy.

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