There's almost nothing as cool as changing the theme of your iOS 7 device to something more beautiful, more colorful or more stylish than the stock theme. With new themes launching on Cydia incessantly, it's almost hard to catch up on Winterboard themes zeitgeist.

We do our best to make a note of (and cover) Winterboard themes we find beautiful, interesting and gorgeous. Our Winterboard theme collection keeps growing and you might want to bookmark it for future reference. In the meanwhile, here's a bunch of five awesome iOS 7 themes this week.

Beautiful Winterboard Themes for iOS 7

5 Beautiful Winterboard Themes iOS 7

Whiteout 7
Repo: Modmyi / Price: Free

Whiteout7 Winterboard Theme
Whiteout 7 is a transparent-icon pack for iOS 7. It's a beautiful collection of icons. The design is such that the icon is usually transparent, letting the homescreen background filter through the icon. As you can see in the image, the icons are all monochromatic but for the transparent regions. The off-white color-scheme lends an even, balanced feel to the iPhone. Plus, over 200 icons have been themed (work in progress on more new icons!)

Repo: MacCiti / Price: $2.99

Fusion Winterboard Theme
Fusion is a sprightly theme in a colorful package. The theme bundles an icon set that is a nod to the older, gradient-ish design. In fact, stock icons seem to be unchanged (although they are different slightly). What makes Fusion a really great theme is that it holds a nice aesthetic. The theme comes with a ton of stuff: wallpapers, support for ClassicDock (it goes well with the tweak), custom icon badges and most interestingly, a control center theme too.

Repo:BigBoss / Price: Free

Bloq Winterboard Theme
BLOQ is an interesting take on theming iOS 7 icons. The description reads: “…a combination of a flat style and a 3-Dimensional look…” and it pretty much sums up what it is. A lot of impressive colors and a great minimalist icon design takes over solid icon bases in BLOQ. The theme is really great on the iPhone provided you have a beautifully contrasting background. The “bloq” sometimes looks overdone but nevertheless, a great theme to pick. The theme dev says there's more in store: boot logos and more.

Repo: MacCiti / Price: $1.99

Inversify Winterboard Theme
Inversify is from the same developer/designer who built Clarify. Inversify is a soft theme, with a quirky gradient design for the icons. Unlike most gradient-based icon designs, the icons in Inversify don't have a linear gradient. It's hard to design a beautiful non-linear gradient but the designer has done a great job of it. With 80 icons and counting, Inversify is a theme for those of you who are tired of the minimalist takes on iOS 7 theme.


Liminal iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

Liminal is a cool-looking minimalist theme for your iPhone. Where it differs from all other themes on this page is the whole minimalist thing: it's kind of minimalism done right. THe word “liminal” itself seems like some wordplay with “minimal”. The iconography is clean, colorful and you have plenty of choices there. Liminal obviously looks cool on plain dark backgrounds and without labels.
Liminal is free on the ModMyi repo.

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  • Ɖylan C̸oady

    how do you do the DarkMin layout?

    • Oh that involves other tweaks like No Dock Icon Labels (comes with
      Winterboard) and Springtomize. There are quite a lot of tweaks that
      alter the homescreen layout.

  • Ɖylan C̸oady

    how do you make the apps go in the center and without the names of the apps being shown like DarkMin