Photographers and image editors / re-touching experts know how hard it is to work with a ton of photos. These days, with the impact of digicams and the iPhone’s camera, even normal users who just got back from a vacation know how hard it is to work with the batch of photos they clicked.

Editing photos as a batch is one of the best ways to handle a lot of stuff. You might want to re-size the photos, add some standard filter and work on renaming them to something specific. There’s a ton of things that you might want to apply to every photo in the album (or to most). In these situations, a batch photo editing app is a must-have.

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For Mac users, BatchPhoto does this job. Perfectly.

Batch Photo Editing App for Mac - BatchPhoto

While most batch image processors I’ve used are loaded with features that are sometimes confusing and at times bloated, BatchPhoto seems to be the best in the lot. And one of the easiest reasons I figured out early in my trials was that the app keeps things simple and easy.

Where there’d be numerous options and sub-options and preferences to tweak in other softwares, BatchPhoto kicks all complexity out and produces a stream-lined approach to batch-editing. It’s so simple and neat that the software can be as easily used by a layman as by an expert who dabbles with Photoshop and stuff.

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The strong points of BatchPhoto, in my opinion, are:

  • A simple, intuitive interface that doesn’t scare the user. There is no feature-bloat, there is no overwhelming list of things you need to do to get started. It’s all one clear stream-lined process.
  • Loads of filters. I think this is a stronghold which is very useful for a lot of people who want to share their photos but want to make them look even more beautiful. Almost everything – ranging from Sepia to Vintage to Charcoal Sketch – can be found in the list.
  • Fantastic support for almost all image formats that you can think of. Especially useful if you’re using RAW images which are huge. The app is strong enough to handle a ton of RAW images without coughing up.

The deeper you go, the finer the features are. For instance, the software can replace a chosen color from all the batch images and replace it with any other color of your choice. This is actually a very niche feature but I’m pointing it out to tell you that it’s got some real nitty-gritty to it. To know more about BatchPhoto features please visit their site.

BatchPhoto has a free trial that you can use before purchasing the Mac app (which sells for $9.99 here).

By any standard rating system, I’d vote five stars for the program. It’s already a hit amongst a lot of users.

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