There are several notification-based tweaks on Cydia: especially those that let you control how the banner notifications look. One of my favorites is this tweak that adds color tints to the banner notif based on the color of the app.

A new Cydia tweak by the name of BannerSwipe is doing the rounds recently. It’s one of the most simplest tweaks I’ve seen but quite functional in one aspect: it dismisses banner notifications in style.

Bannerswipe Cydia Tweak

With just a swipe gesture, you can dismiss the banner notification that pops up. Swipe-left on the banner notification and the banner just disappears with a slide gesture.

As simple as the thing is, it’s surprising we’ve never had a similar tweak before. May be I’m just ignorant.

I’ve been using BannerSwipe for quite some time now and what’s really interesting is that the tweak is super-useful: I get notifications (a lot of them) when I’m on other apps, and this is particularly annoying when you get a lot of notifications.

I have disabled several of these banner notifs for this purpose, but there’s a prob: I can’t know who sent a Whatsapp message or who commented what on Facebook. I was in a fix.

With BannerSwipe, things are now easier. I get the notifs, but I can dismiss them instantly with a swipe gesture. So, I can see the notification clearly, and I also have the ability to dismiss it when I want to, instead of the lag/delay that the default setting has.

BannerSwipe is a free Cydia tweak from ModMyi. It has no settings – which is kind of a dud because it would be nice to control what gesture dismisses the banner notif. At least, you should be able to decide the direction of the swipe. Nevertheless, it’s a great tweak to work with.

Have you tried it? How was your experience with this? Do share your feedback in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.