Baby Boomers Not Happy with iPhone Ads Run Currently

Apple knows it is a fast-paced age and therefore, the company advertises its products in the same manner. Recently, Apple released three video ads for iPhones and Baby Boomers were not happy with those ads.

Apple creates powerful products and to market those products, the brand comes up with equally powerful advertising. But this time, Baby Boomers (people aged 55 plus) are not happy with three of Apple’s iPhone ads.

UserTesting research agency carried out tests and has come up with a conclusion that Apple has deliberately run the ads even as the company knew the possible effects ads would have on Baby Boomers.

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Apple iPhone Ads Annoy Baby Boomers

The agency showed the video ads to two age groups and observed the reactions of viewers belong to Gen Z and Baby Boomers. Notably, Gen Z people are aged 18-25, while Baby Boomers are 55 or above.

Interestingly, the research firm has studied the responses of 200 people, who use either Apple or Android devices. At the end of the ads, the firm noticed little difference in their reactions.

Baby Boomers found the ads distasteful as the ads were shot in a fast pace. The Boomers describe those ads as “silly” and “chaotic.”

According to Michael Mace, Vice President of Product Marketing at UserTesting, “The new iPhone ads feature confusing situations, fast cuts, and saturated colors.”

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Mace added that “There’s no question that Apple is thinking different again, but this time it’s not clear what the company is intending. By capturing real human insights, UserTesting set out to uncover why.”

Baby Boomers were more worried when they saw Apple Pay ad, which doesn’t talk about the safety of the feature.

A 54-year lady, who is an iOS user, raised her concern, “The thought of paying with a glance scares me. There are a lot of variables to consider.”

While another lady, 61 years, who uses Android said, “I’m concerned about security and identity theft with the new payment feature and the unlocking of the phone or apps with a glance.”

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However, the research firm believes that this is not a serious issue, as the ads are not asking Android users to switch to iPhone. The purpose of the ads was to reinforce brand loyalties of younger iPhone users.

“Smartphone brand preferences and loyalty are strong and difficult to change… Apple is trying to reach smartphone users as young as possible before their brand preferences are set. In the process, Apple is willing to confuse or even alienate older customers, because it knows they’ll likely stick with the brand no matter what.”

Both the ads are given here for your watching.

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Signing off…

The new age advertising is packed with too much creativity and most of the time, the meaning is left to the imagination of viewers. Probably, Baby Boomers are not able to connect themselves with the new technology and the way it is advertised.

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Jignesh Padhiyar
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