If there’s a tweak that completely converts your iOS 6 lockscreen into something that’s almost iOS 7, it’s Ayra. Ayra is a new Cydia tweak that brings lockscreen notification center just as in iOS 7, complete with all the various toggles you find on NCSettings and a redefined notification list.

With Ayra, you get to interact, dismiss and see notifications on the lockscreen in a far better way than any of the present crop of tweaks.

Ayra Cydia Tweak
Image Courtesy: YouTube.com

Ayra Notification Center Cydia Tweak for iPhone

There are a bunch of good Notification Center tweaks on Cydia. Some of them are aimed at design and some of them at the function. Ayra is a combination: it’s form and function. At its simplest best, you can use Ayra to have iOS 7-like control toggles on the Notification Center. This is not much different from, say, NCSettings widget but the design is more like how you find it on iOS 7.

Ayra also redefines the way entries in the Notification Center work.

In regular iOS 6 and iOS 7, you can only tap on the notification to open the corresponding app and you can clear notifications in batches (app-based).

With Ayra, things will change. Ayra brings the ability to view the complete notification instead of just a snippet.

When you tap on a notification, you are not taken to the app but instead, the notification is shown in full. This is a huge time-saving feature and I’m not sure if there are tweaks prior to Ayra that solve this thing.

Ayra has been crafted beautifully too and coming from Surenix, the guy behind Auxo, you’d expect nothing less. Ayra is heavily iOS 7 inspired so you’re getting something that’s almost an iOS 7 variant of the lockscreen. Ayra also changes the lockscreen slider to fit in aesthetically with the design.

Ayra is on the BigBoss and will cost you $1.99.

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