Axum Bluetooth Earphones for iPhone

They say, “Music can instill life even in the dead soul.” That’s true! Most of us love listening to our favorite tracks while working out or meditating at a quiet place. Music not only rejuvenates our energy but also keeps the thought alive.

As a passionate music lover, I enjoy making the most of some of my memorable songs while hitting out at the gym or jogging at the park. Even though Bluetooth earbuds have improved by leaps and bounds regarding providing sound quality, they are still some way away from reaching a top, aren’t they?

Axum Gear Bluetooth Sports Earphone for iPhone/iPad

Enter “Axum Gear” -the excellent wireless earbuds. With the unmatched sound quality, the Gear is currently making a massive buzz at “INDIEGOGO“-the crowd funding platform.

While giving my 100% at the gym with a view to attaining the desired look, I use wireless earbuds to keep myself charged up. Unfortunately, they fail to get along with my speed. They either come off the ear or begin to create a lot of itch inside; forcing me to put them off. That’s why I feel great to find Axum Gear to address all the concerns of a fitness freak.

Excellent M-voiD Sound Technology

Axum Wireless Earphones for iPhone

What sets Axum Gear apart from any other ordinary earbuds is the unparallel sound quality. Thanks to the “M-voiD Sound Technology” which is specifically used by luxury automobile manufacturers to provide fabulous sound quality, the Gear is the world’s first wireless sports earbuds to have it.

The best thing about M-voiD sound tech is that it is equipped to restore any soundtrack as it was recorded originally. Its sound quality will not just thrill you to the core but also win you over.

8 Hours of Playtime

The Gear offers a huge 8 hours of playtime. Hence, you would not have to power it up too frequently.

The long battery life is a real deal for me as I hate to see my earbuds run out of power even before I’m thoroughly satisfied.

Adjustable Hook

With the adjustable hook, the earbuds remain stick in the ear and don’t come off. So, you would go about your job of putting your best foot forward while sweating out without having to worry about them.

Frankly speaking, this is the one quality that I really like a lot. The comfy design of the hook ensures you feel convenient while sporting the earpieces.

Waterproof Nano-Coating/Silicone Jackets

Axum Wirelss Bluetooth Earphones for iPhone

Waterproof nano-coating prevents sweat from making life difficult for the earbuds. As a result, they remain at their best; defying all odds.

As soon as sweat begins to heat up the temperature, I generally put off earbuds as they seem to have completely drowned in water. But these earpieces won’t have any impact on sweat.

The earbuds also come with silicone jackets which safeguard them from shock or dust. In short, they not only add the needed protection but also make them last longer.

Magnetic Charging/Battery Case

Axum Bluetooth Earbuds for iPhone

With the magnets placed in each charging port, the earbuds fall into the right place and begin charging. There is no hassle about powering them up.

The Gear comes with a battery case which not only charges the earpieces up rapidly but also offers 4 hours of playtime.

The Built-In Mic

The built-in mic allows you to take calls. Besides, you can use voice command for Siri, Google Now to carry out some quick tasks.

It’s a very significant feature as you won’t have to remove the earpieces to receive important calls.

Bluetooth 4.1 Technology

With the Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the earbuds connect to your device in real time. With more than 10-meter distance range, you work out with more freedom.

The latest Bluetooth spices up the whole experience.

The complete package

  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Silicone Jackets-3 Sizes (S, M, and L)
  • Silicone Ear Tips-3 Sizes (S, M and L)
  • Foam Ear Tips-3 Sizes (S, M, and L)
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Compact OTG Charging Case

Price and Availability

You can grab one set of Axum earbuds at $149. With the wireless charging portable case, you would need to pay $299.

These wireless sports earbuds are estimated to ship by May 2017.

The Verdict

Looking at the terrific features, I’m already the game for Axum Gear. There are several qualities such as, M-voiD sound technology that makes these earpieces exceptional.

“Axum Gear can be a fantastic choice for not just fitness lovers but also those who are passionate about listening to real music!”

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