It’s been a while since the last installment of Cydia tweaks came around. We’ve been playing around with a few tweaks, testing them out and figuring out if they’d be useful for you.

The world of Cydia tweaks is not just impressive but sometimes it leaves you dumbfounded. There are so many features that become suddenly available that you wonder why Apple never thought of that. Like, for instance, being able to adjust the brightness of the screen without having to tweak anything: just through activator actions!

Anyway, make sure you take a look at our previous posts which contain as many interesting Cydia tweaks. And here check out few more awesome tweaks right after the break:

cydia tweaks

RaiseToCall is a wonderful and in fact highly popular tweak that does one thing (and only one thing) perfectly. Suppose you are messaging someone (or reading a message from someone) and you want to call them. The usual process is too lengthy. How about just getting your iPhone close to your ear and the call is just made automatically?
If it sounds like advanced gadgetry from Iron Man, make sure you try RaiseToCall.

AnyReminder is an awesome tweak. It adds ‘Remind Me Later’ to almost every app that you can think of: notably, Safari. It’s a bigger version of the Remind Me features that the iPhone is capable of providing.

Taking panoramic shots is cool but what if you want to use the flashlight for panos? It’s not often that you want the flash for panos but just in case you do, Flashorama comes to the rescue. It enables the flash for panoramic shots too.

There have been a lot of instant camera tweaks (like QuickShoot) but InstantCamera is one of the most favorite because it uses an activator action to get you to the camera. Simple as it sounds, you’ll find that it’s enormously useful.

Tired of having to find songs from a bunch of them on your iPhone? Want a better method to sift through the tons of songs you’ve got? AudioExplorer+ might be the tweak you are looking for. Simply put, it makes looking for audio files as simple as it can get.

YourTube is the perfect app for people who want more control over the video they see on YouTube. It’s one of the few perfect tweaks that make life simpler. Yeah, you can download YouTube videos directly to your iPhone so you can watch them anywhere, anytime. YourTube is slick and amazing.

PDFPrinter for Safari
Want to print that webpage as a PDF? No problem. Get PDFPrinter for Safari and you’re ready to go. Adds a small option when you Print a webpage, found on top-right of the print option screen. Tap and done! It saves the files within Safari but you can access them from anywhere and share them too.

FBMessenger Unseen
Don’t want your friends on Facebook Messenger to know that you’ve read their message? This tweak will hid the ‘Seen at’ timestamp that Facebook introduced recently. It’s interesting how many people actually don’t want that feature and that kind of explains why FBMessenger Unseen is a popular tweak.

This is what I was talking about. How about a simple swipe on the homescreen to change the brightness? Or any other action of your choice? There have been tweaks like SwipeBright and Brightivator is similar to it. It lets you change the brightness (complete, with a HUD too) from anywhere.

This is a tweak that’s just plain awesome to look at but it eats up your battery a lot. If your Android friends show off their live wallpapers, here’s your chance to tell them the iPhone isn’t less exciting.