If the entire jailbreak community has been waiting for something spectacular recently, it was Auxo 2. Initial previews of the tweak showed an amazing combination of task-switcher and control center toggles/settings. It was slated to released on April 2. And it has been released.

Back when our phones were running iOS 6, Auxo radically changed the task switcher interface for us. Auxo 2 does pretty much the same thing: it brings a beautiful, seamless and a powerful task switcher. I'd call it an add-on to the task switcher but it's much more than that.

Auxo 2 iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

One of the first things you notice about Auxo 2 is the interface, the seamlessness of the animations that take place. Almost all the tweaks that A3tweaks have developed are enthralling when it comes to interface elements. Auxo 2 has the hallmark of a very professional tweak that adds a lot to the general UI in iOS 7.

Auxo 2's sterling features reside in two of its UI configurations: Multi-Center and Quick Center. Both are adorably crafted.

The Quick Center

Quick Center is for quickly switching between apps. Both open apps and recently-accessed apps (that may not be running in the background now) can be accessed quickly, with just a swipe gesture. To access Quick Center, you just swipe up from the bottom-left of the screen and then swipe across to the app you want to open. The swipe replicates the magnifying feature of the OS X Dock while near-full-page previews of apps make it even more easy to identify the app.

Auxo 2 iOS 7 Task Switcher Cydia Tweak

Quick Center can be turned into the original multi-task-switcher just by swiping up further (if the Multi-Center is disabled).

The Multi-Center

This is where it gets hot. Multi-Center is the fusion of Control Center and Task Switcher. The screenshots show how Multi-Center looks and it's pretty much the way Apple could've implemented the whole task-switcher thing.

Auxo 2 Best iOS 7 Task Switcher Cydia Tweak

Multi-Center is triggered (if enabled) by swiping up from the bottom. Yes, it's the same trigger as Control Center but now that Control Center is within the task switcher, the action triggers Multi-Center.

Most common-functions and toggles of the Control Center are readily available in the Multi-Center. You can even swipe up from within the Multi-Center to access app launcher/shortcuts. The Multi-Center has the app switcher, brightness and volume sliders, music controls and even the AirPlay/AirDrop sections. You can configure them all from within the preferences for Auxo 2.

Auxo 2 also adds a couple of other features: it brings a kill-all switch that works just like the tweak, Purge. Swipe up the app card for the homescreen and you can kill all apps in the background. The other necessary feature is landscape mode support. Auxo 2 runs excellently on landscape mode too.

Then there are hot corners (bottom-left and bottom-right) which trigger the homescreen or the task switcher with ease. There's lots more that Auxo 2 brings in terms of gesture-based actions.

Auxo 2 is $3.99 (a dollar more than the original Auxo) for new buyers. It's up on the BigBoss repo. If you bought Auxo, you can upgrade for $1.99. If you bought both the iPhone and iPad versions of the original Auxo, v2 will cost you $0.99. (Auxo 2 doesn't support iPad yet).

  • aet

    i cant access the quick switcher please help!

    • Make sure activator is not enabled for Swipe from bottom-left of the screen.