Every smartphone user just wants to have a better battery. The case of iPhone users is no different and that explains why people try a variety of tips to save iPhone’s battery. Admittedly, every method doesn’t work for everyone.

But if there’s one particular source that drains battery a lot – besides the usual stuff like data, Wi-fi, too many open apps, push notifications etc. – it’s most certainly brightness of the iPhone. To be even more specific, the auto-lock feature can be a “killer.”

AutoDimWithoutLock Cydia TweakOkay not exactly a killer but here’s the stuff: the minimum timeout limit for auto-lock is 1 minute. It’s not long by usual time standards but one minute timeout is really long to turn off the screen. #2, it’s really bad to keep locking and unlocking the iPhone as even this involves battery consumption.

So when a Cydia tweak comes up with a not-really-smart but a really simple and plain solution, I’ve got to try it out. And I think this is cool.

AutoDimWithoutLock does just that: auto-dim without locking your iPhone.

Usually, your iPhone dims if there is no activity registered on it for a while. You can configure this timeout limit through Settings → General → Auto-Lock.

But the catch lies in the lowest possible time-limit and the action thereafter. The minimum timeout limit is 1 minute which is a really long time to dim the screens.

If you could dim the screen faster, it helps preserve the battery even more. With AutoDimWithoutLock, you get to do this. Once you install AutoDimWithoutLock, you can configure it via Settings → AutoDimWithoutLock. You can set any time limit for the auto-dim to trigger. This can be as low as 1-second (although something like 5/10 seconds would be more usable).

With the tweak enabled, you can also set it up to make the icons disappear when the auto-dim triggers.

AutoDimWithoutLock is available for free on BigBoss repo.