Every year, Apple releases fresh iOS and every year users come up with fresh problems. This year too Apple has followed this tradition. Post release of developer beta version of iOS 9, users had faced many issues like battery drain and camera icon missing on the Home screen of iPhone.

Other important issues were Wi-Fi not working and iCloud backup not working after installing iOS 9 on devices. But there is yet another problem cropped up and this time; it is about automatic app updates.

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Auto App Updates Not Working on iPhone and iPad

Automatic App Updates Not Working in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

You got it right; automatic app updates not working since installing iOS 9. Many iOS users are irritated by this fresh issue; even after setting up Automatic Updates from Settings app on their devices, automatic app updates are not working.

We have performed multiple actions on our iOS devices but haven’t found any sure-shot formula to fix this issue. On the other side, users have also done some known tricks like shutting down devices and hard reboot, but all in vain. They had to do manual updates every day.

iOS users have vented their anger on different social media and Apple Support Communities claiming that quality has been deteriorated in Apple products and services over the last few years.

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Users also mentioned that podcast app is infested with bugs and it doesn’t have some basic features.

One user has gone too far and criticized UI of Apple Music; I don’t know how come he has bad words for Apple Music UI in the middle of automatic app update issue.

Bottom line is that Apple has to fix this issue as soon as possible, otherwise be prepared for users’ scathing attack on forums.

For users, keep exploring the iOS 9 and if you find any solution, please share with us in comment below so that we can publish the same.

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