Auto App Updater is one of the finest functional Cydia tweaks that you can ever have. It’s like something Apple should have already put into iOS but didn’t.

On Android, you can set an app to update itself whenever there’s an update available for a particular app. Unfortunately, this function hasn’t been replicated in iOS (for various reasons obviously). It’s actually good in a way because you get to read all the reviews on an app update before deciding to update the app in question.

But it’s definitely not great looking at the badge on the App Store icon: you’ve got a bunch of apps to update and you think you’ll get to it shortly. The problem? You never get around to updating the apps.

In comes Auto App Updater Cydia tweak and just like that, your problem is solved!

Auto App Updater updates your apps automatically in the background. It doesn’t send you notifications, badges and other annoying things. It just smells for the updates by itself and updates them according to the configured settings that you’ve given.

Auto App Updater Cydia Tweak

Here’s what Auto App Updater offers:

  • Update Information: Not many people really care about the update information but it’s always a good thing to take a look at it. Auto App Updater puts all the update information for the app it has updated (or has to update) so you can grab that easily.
  • Update Schedule: You can set the update schedule to a few hours to a few days. A typical update schedule would be 24 hours but you can configure it to check for updates every hour or every week too.
  • Update on Wi-fi only: if you don’t want to burn your data allocation, you can enable this to make sure the apps get updated only when you’re on Wifi.
  • App Settings: got a free app which will cost you money when you update? Well, you can configure what apps get updated through the Auto App Updater using this setting. Basically, there’s a lot of freedom here.

Besides these, the tweak will also tell you when the next update is scheduled for. You can also view the update history so you know what apps have been updated recently. Despite being a Cydia tweak, the Auto App Updater will update the app on the core system so if you’ve got iCloud, all the updates are synced and pushed to other devices too!

Auto App Updater is available on the Cydia store for $2.99. The repo is ModMyi so you just search for the tweak on Cydia search.