Audyssey Media Player for iPhone: Try Something Really New

It’s not often that an iPhone music player configures the EQ according to the earphone/headphone you use. No, cut that. It’s not ever; unless, it’s Audyssey.

Audyssey Media player for the iPhone is an intelligent but terrifically simple music player. It’s built for audiophiles whose turn on is music and the sound that every one of their carefully-picked tracks produces.

Audyssey Media Player for iPhone

AMP – Audyssey Media Player – is an app built by a company that has a very passionate interest in music/sound. These are folks who work on producing amazing technology for music and sound systems. So it comes as no surprise that the AMP has this unique thing about itself which I’ve yet to find replicated on any other app on the App Store.

AMP is a simple music player which is almost similar to the stock Music app. It plays all of your songs in the library and you can control them easily. But most importantly, it features an EQ that’s smart, intelligent and versatile at the same time. (Check out our post on the best EQ apps for iPhone)

The truth about audio clarity is not just the quality of the file on your iPhone but also lies with the quality of your earphones. But behind this truth lies the fact that tweaking the EQ of your iPhone according to the earphone you are using can make or break the listening experience. With years of research behind them, Audyssey puts this in perspective.

The AMP app for iPhone will intelligently configure the EQ based on the brand/make of your earphone. There are about 250 headphone profiles to choose from (across 70 brands) so there’s a high chance that you’ll find the correct profile for your earphone right there.

Audyssey’s app also features a patented “Tilt” control to configure the bass/treble level with a simple slider. There’s also the old-school bass/treble controller so whatever your pick is, if you are an audiophile, the AMP app gets things done for you.

Playback controls are good and pretty familiar to the native app so there’s nothing new here. The only problem is that if you have old DRM files, these won’t be “tweaked” by Audyssey app. They will play normally.

Audyssey Media Player for iPhone

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Audyssey Media Player for iPhone
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