There’s a lot of new stuff in iOS 7 beyond the heavy redesign. Of the apps that have been rewritten to include a ton of new features, the Camera deserves a special mention. Of course, it’s not just the camera that Apple as focused on, no pun intended, but the overall media presentation has been revamped with the Photos app getting a makeover too.

So what’s in it for serious “iPhone photographers”? Quite a bunch of things, actually.

Attractive iOS 7 Camera FeaturesiOS 7’s Camera, coupled with the right gadget (we’re talking about iPhone 5, yeah) can be an amazing device. Backed by the software features, you can capture interesting photos and spice them up a lot. Also included is the ability to capture photos faster with an overall smooth experience.

Here are the six features in iOS 7’s camera that take it a step ahead of its own predecessor:

1. No Shutter Animation = Faster Captures

Call me crazy but the biggest feature that iOS 7’s Camera app has is the “absence” of any shutter animation. Wasn’t it annoying to see the slow shutter animation happen and ruin the next capture moment?

With iOS 7, when you click the shutter, the photo gets captured: no animations, no changing of screens, no nothing. You can just continue to click more pictures. Most suitable when you have to click pictures faster because “carpe diem.”

2. Zoom. In Video.

One blaring, absent feature in iOS’s camera app was the ability to zoom in video. Quite obviously, the easiest solution to this problem was to use third-party apps but then, that’s missing the point of using the stock camera.

So when Apple announces zoom feature for videos, that’s a big change that make a lot of difference. Let’s not be naïve and admit that Apple was totally behind in this feature but better late than never.

3. One for the “hipsters” – Square

Of course this one’s for the new-generation of iPhone photographers (more specifically, hipster Instagrammers). Square photos are a cult feature that Apple probably felt was important to stay relevant to the younger generation that seems to be favoring Android now.

Not exactly a great move in terms of features but it doesn’t hurt.

4. Live Filters, Oh Yeah!

Filters is good. Live filters is great. Having that in the native camera app in iOS 7 is awesome. Don’t take my excitement as a sign of naiveté because I know that a lot of apps have solved this before Apple did.

But there’s something really neat and simplistic about Apple’s implementation. You have a choice of 8 filters to choose from.

5. Smoother Panorama

Panorama shots aren’t my favorite and Apple’s implementation of Panorama in the previous versions wasn’t really spectacular either. This time though, Apple has kind of nailed it.

With smoother and control-filled panorama shots, iOS 7’s camera should be a boon for hikers who’d love to capture pano shots of the horizon over the hilltop.

One for the devs:

6. Video @ 60fps a.k.a Slow-motion Videos

This one is for the developers to use in their apps so you can expect to see (more) apps coming up with slow-motion features. IOS 7 can capture video at 60fps (the traditional being 24-30fps) which means any video captured at higher frame rate can be slowed down for dramatic and crisp slow-mo playback.

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