Armpocket iPhone 5s Armband Case: Could This Be the Perfect Armband Case?

When someone builds a product out of passion, it shows. That, probably, explains the overall experience of iPhones and iPads. And I’m sure that explains why Armpocket armband cases are amazing. We got a couple of Armpocket Armbands (the Aero i-10 and the Xtreme i-30) for review and after using these (and testing out the features), we’re kind of floored.

Fancy iPhone accessories capture your attention gloriously but they last for a very short time. It’s the thoughtfully and meticulously designed product that lasts. It doesn’t attract attention like a celebrity but over time, it becomes a part of your life and that makes all the difference. The Armpocket armband cases for iPhone 5/5s/5c are something like that.

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ArmPocket iPhone 5s Armband

Simple but thoughtful

Both the Aero and the Xtreme are simple accessories for your iPhone. They’re one of the best armband cases designed not just for the iPhone but also for a few other smartphones that are thin and feature a 5″ (or less) screen. The Xtreme i-30 can also hold your iPhone when it’s clothed in a thin case (like, for instance, CaseMate slims).

What really strikes as impressive about Armpocket’s Armband cases is this simplicity. No fancy stuff, no hype: it does the job and how! The cases are moisture-proof and can even withstand a sudden splash of water. The little accessibility features like holding cards and bills and the audio port or the “zip-n-stow” – they’re thoughtful and subtle features that make the case a great product.

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The features

The Armpocket Aero i-10 is not much different from the Xtreme i-30 except that the latter is slightly larger to accommodate iPhones with slim cases. Most of the other features/functions are same.

Light-weight, Ergonomic

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To begin with, the cases are comfortably light. It “looks” bulky but the material they’ve picked is light enough and it’s all really comfortable. When you wear the armband with your iPhone in it, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Part of it comes from the foam-material and the overall design.

There are two earphone outlets under the armband case so you can plug in your earphone. To prevent it from hanging about during your jog/workout, you can loop them through the zip-n-stow. Now, all this is kind of normal but a clean design is what distinguishes Armpocket.

But there’s more:

The best thing about the armband case is that it fits not just the iPhone. You can put – along with your iPhone – a couple of cards, some cash bills or coins etc. in the case. There are two compartments for this. Also, there’s a separator band (and we could actually fit in two smartphones into one armband! Would be useful if you use an iPod and an iPhone.)

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Also, the vented armstrap helps.

The touchscreen response is great.

I must admit that I was prejudiced at first. The plastic-y screen on the armband case is thick so you expect a less-than-ideal touch screen experience. If you wear your iPhone in an armband case and need to tap on the screen (calls, occasional messages, timer, changing songs etc.), the screen needs to be good enough to allow for a decent touchscreen response. The Armpocket armband cases we got are so good that I’m completely happy with the touchscreen response. I put even an iPhone 4 into it to test how that responds and the results were pretty good. (since the cases are for iPhone 5s/5, an iPhone 4 would fit in “loosely” but that didn’t stop the touchscreen response from being great)

Great quality, ergonomic design, (not to forget, good color options for Aero i-10 and other products), and a really solid material that keeps sweat and dust out.

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Cost and Compatibility

Both the cases are compatible with iPhone 5s, 5c and 5 and it can also fit smartphones like the Nexus 4 or even your iPhone 4s/4 or an iPod touch, and all other phone up to 5 inch.

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Dhvanesh Adhiya
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