If launching apps from the notification center in iOS 7 is your kind of style, there's a tweak that will let you do that. Apptray is a beautiful Cydia tweak that puts app shortcuts in the Notification Center.

Apptray can be used as a tweak that helps you open your favorite apps faster. If you've got a lot of icons on the springboard and find it increasingly hard to get to your most-frequently-used or favorite apps, Apptray can be a good solution. Check it out.

Apptray adds an extra tab in the Notification Center. This tab is where all the apps you select show up. You can pick the apps from Apptray's settings / preferences page in the Settings app. As simple as it sounds, Apptray has a powerful functionality for people who've got a lot of apps installed and constantly find themselves scrolling through pages and pages of apps to open one particular app.

Launch Apps from the Notification Center in iOS 7

Apptray has a few settings that can be configured. You can:

  • Select the apps to show up in the Apptray tab of the Notification Center
  • You can enable/disable Apptray itself without having to respring
  • You can also toggle the Open to Apptray switch to make Apptray the default tab when you swipe down to open Notification Center
  • And you can configure the opacity of the icons for aesthetic effect

Apptray Cydia Tweak Lets You Launch Apps from the Notification Center

Ideally, you'd pick only the most-frequently-used / most-favorite apps to show up under the Apptray tab.

Apptray has been developed to be both functionally and visually powerful and appealing. It works seamlessly on all jailbroken devices running iOS 7. It makes sure security is not overridden: Apptray doesn't open the apps when you swipe down the NC from the Lockscreen if you have a passcode/TouchID.

Apptray is available on the BigBoss for $1.49.