Within the jailbreaking community, AppSync is one of the most important tweaks/libraries that a lot of us look forward to. AppSync is the library that lets you sync your apps with iTunes – when the apps are not downloaded from the App Store.

Yes, this could mean cracked apps (we’re not promoting privacy but let’s not get diplomatic with truth). But this also means you will be able to download, install and use apps like GBA4iOS or NDS4iOS (emulators) and other apps that you want test drive on your iPhone. Karen, the developer behind AppSync, has updated the library and released it as a beta.

AppSync for iOS 8Installing AppSync for iOS 8 should be easy. The file is up on Karen’s beta repo and you will be able to install it on your iDevice. Here’s some more info:

#1. Add Karen’s beta repo:

#2. Install AppSync Unified Beta

Karen’s updating the Appsync Unified beta so depending on the time you access this repo, the beta version might differ. At the moment, we’re looking at 5.0-beta-2.3.

Tap on the package named AppSync Unified Beta and install it.

Once you respring, AppSync should be up and running on your iPhone. You can test with an ipa or the emulators (GB4iOS).

Beta Issues

According the description and this reddit thread, AppSync currently uses some tricky methods to run on iOS 8. Formerly, Cydia Substrate used to handle this but with changes in iOS 8, this is not happening anymore.

The developer has noted that AppSync will not be out of beta till Cydia Substrate is updated with some new methods that handle the processes (not going into details here; check out the reddit post).

If you’ve previously installed AppCake, PPSync or any other alternative, you will have to remove it completely before trying AppSync. You might even run into errors after removing the old sync libraries, which you can probably fix by doing a re-jailbreak.

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