There are enough people trying to do the pirate lingo and club it with everything they do but you'll have to admit that AppsPirate does the job better than the rest at least as far as iPhone app reviews is concern. And it's a fun experience going through the website for app elixir if you're using an iPhone or an Android phone.

This might probably be the first time iGeeksBlog is doing a review of an app review website. There have been many websites doing the usual app review routine. We've got big players in the industry that does that much better than everyone else: for games, there's TouchArcade, for apps there's AppAdvice, for gadgets there's Engadget and so on and so forth.

But in an industry that's heavily saturated, websites like AppsPirate take a unique path. Sure, going the Capt. Jack Sparrow route isn't all that new but these guys have got it in their bloods. Heck! I was reading a couple of reviews on the blog and it felt like I was aboard a pirate ship armed with an iPhone and an iPad.

Appspirate Review

By now if you're thinking it's all “Arr!!” and high seas, it's time to unleash the Kraken.

AppsPirate is a full-fledged app review website. At the moment, the website is going strong with one app review every day of the week. They have been at it for several months now and there's a ton of apps reviewed there.

But the folks don't stop there. What's impressive (and most-needed) is the new arrival. The App Store gets inundated with new apps every single day. So every single day, you have all the newcomers show up on their New Apps page. Again, this is not new, but nothing like a simple and no-fluff way to discover new apps. I did feel the layout of the listing could be a little better and less cluttered.

Apart from posting app reviews they are also offering some interesting how to kind posts I came across this site while I searched for Watch TV on iPhone.

AppsPirate also lists price drops. I just downloaded Snapseed on my iPhone after seeing the $4.99 → $0.00 price-drop which I found on AppsPirate.

So there you go. We've got one more site added to our repository for finding really exciting apps and a ton of app-related information. And this one looks as interesting as all the others put together.

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