Dark Mode Supported Apps on iPhone

Dark Mode Supported Apps on iPhone

Apple has come a long way in terms of iOS development with some useful set of features. From the revamped Apple Maps to enhanced privacy & security and from smarter HomeKit to revamped Photos app, it has had dramatic changes. The most notable feature was the dark, more indeed! There’s something for everyone in iOS 13 or later. Many third-party apps already have a dark mode option, but the roots of iOS didn’t have the feature by default. Of course, it was possible to use dark mode in Safari, Facebook Messenger, and many other apps, but that had to be done manually. With iOS 13 or later release, one can easily enable dark mode on iPhone and iPad.

Which apps on iPhone have Dark Mode?

There are more than 100+ apps in the App Store that support dark mode. But to get this latest dark mode feature, you must ensure that your iPhone is updated to the latest OS that is iOS 13 or above. So let’s have a look at those apps that support Dark Mode.

Music Apps for iPhone

Educational Apps for iPhone

Web Browsers and Email Apps for iPhone

Health & Fitness Apps for iPhone

Customization App for iPhone

Home Improvement Apps for iPhone

Money Management Apps for iPhone

Travel & Transportation Apps for iPhone

Photography Apps for iPhone

Podcast Apps for iPhone

Productivity Apps for iPhone

Entertainment & Lifestyle Apps for iPhone

News Apps for iPhone

Real Estate Apps for iPhone

Social Media Apps for iPhone

Utility Apps

Weather Apps for iPhone

So these were some of the apps that work with iOS 13’s dark mode. But if you have any app that doesn’t support dark mode, you can still use it with a simple trick! Let’s see that as well!

Enable Dark Mode on All iPhone Apps

Step #1. Launch Settings App on your iPhone.

Open Settings app on iPhone running iOS 13

Step #2. Scroll down to tap on Accessibility and tap on Display & Text Size.

Tap on Accessibility and Select Display and Text Size in iOS 13 Settings

Step #3. Now toggle ON Smart Invert Option to green and you’ll see instant changes.

Turn ON Smart Invent in iOS 13 and iPadOS

It turns all the apps (most of them) into the dark mode that has a bright-colored interface. Most of the elements on the screen turn dark expect the text, logo, and images if any.

So even if there’s an app that doesn’t support dark mode, you can do it this way!

Force All Apps to Use Dark Mode in iOS 13 and iPadOS

Summing Up!

We will update this list continuously as we get information about an app that supports dark mode on iPhone or iPad. Did we miss any app in the above list that supports dark mode for iPhone? If yes, then let us know in the comment section and also let us know in which app you love using this dark mode feature.

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