Are apps on your iPhone 5s crashing more often than normal? If yes, the reasons are most likely to do with the massive hardware changes, according to Crittercism which tested the performance of apps on iPhone 5s and compared them to the iPhone 5.

Admitting that there will be issues every time there are new software/hardware changes, CEO of Crittercism Andrew Levy told AllThingsD that the issues will be ironed out over time. For the moment though, if apps are crashing, they’re most likely to be fixed in future updates that Apple will be pushing.

Apps Crashing on iPhoneThe iPhone 5s brings a whole set of changes to the old iPhone architecture. The A7, iOS 7 and the new M7 are all new changes/additions that replace a whole base framework that powered the iPhone 5. The 64-bit architecture is a top-contender to the list of reasons that cause the more frequent app crashes.

So far, we haven’t heard a lot from users regarding this issue but a few threads are cropping up in the support forums. Earlier, users were reporting app crashes in the beta versions of iOS 7 (which is quite common given that the beta versions are prone to have bugs).

The frequency of app crashes is twice as much as that in the iPhone 5, according to the same report. Again, the 64-bit architecture is possibly the main cause. App developers have had very little time to optimize or re-write their programs to work in full-compatibility with the new processors.

Interestingly, for such a massive change, Apple has actually fared well. Introducing a 64-bit processor to the iPhones – at a time when no one has even thought about it commercially – is a bold step forward (and Apple has almost always led here.

Remember dropping for floppy drives and CD Drives?). One fallout of this step – at least for a few weeks since the introduction – would be buggy apps or performance. Both app developers and Apple are apparently working towards fixing this.

According to Crittercism, Apple is already working on the fixes and some of it has been pushed in a couple of updates (iOS 7.0.1 & 7.0.2).

The most important takeaway is: if apps are crashing, wait for an update from the app developer. If there is an update available, don’t forget to update ASAP.