Apps Crashing in iOS 10 Beta on iPhone/iPad? Tips to Quickly Fix the Issue

Are apps crashing in iOS 10 beta on iPhone or iPad? You need to check out these smart tricks to fix the issue right away.

It’s been almost a week since iOS 10 was announced during WWDC 2016. Claimed to be the biggest ever iOS update by Apple, the latest iOS ecosystem has been appreciated by both users and experts.

There are various features which have come loaded with the newest iOS version. No wonder, a lot of iPhone and iPad users, including me, have been compelled to install iOS 10 beta in order to test it in advance. Moreover, a number of my friends, who don’t have a developer account, have rushed to install the latest iOS version, which is currently available as developer beta.

Apps Crashing in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

Considering iOS 10 is still in beta version, we don’t expect it to run as smoothly as expected. There are certain issues like app crashing has been reported by several iPhone users. On a number of occasions, I have also found some apps getting crashed at launch.

Fortunately, there are some tried and tested tricks which have worked pretty well in fixing the app crashing issue in iOS 10 on my iPhone. If you have also run into the same problem, you need to check out these handy tricks.

How to Fix App Crashing Issue in iOS 10 on iPhone/iPad

Reboot Your iPhone

How to Restart-Reboot iPhone 6 and 6 PlusIf you are unable to launch apps as they crash time and again, you have to reboot your iOS device.

Hold down on the Home button and sleep/wake button at once until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Check Out App Updates

Make sure to update the apps which are crashing on your device. On numerous occasions, this trick has helped me solve the problem. Hopefully, it clicks again. App Store → Updates → Update All.

Tap on Updates Tab in App Store on iPhoneTurn off Background App Refresh

Apps keep on getting refreshed in the background using Wi-Fi or Cellular data. Turning off the background app refresh will not just save tons of battery, data but also help you troubleshoot this problem.

Step #1. Tap on Settings → General.

Tap on Settings Then General on iPhone in iOS 10Step #2. Tap on Background App Refresh.

Tap on Background App Refresh in iOS 10 Settings on iPhoneStep #3. Toggle Off Background App Refresh.

Turn Off Background App Refresh in iOS 10 on iPhoneDisable Automatic App Downloads

Do you want to automatically download new purchase ( including free) made on other iOS device synced with the same iCloud account? No. It’s better to disable it.

Step #1. Tap on Settings → iTunes & App Store.

Tap on Settings Then iTunes & App Store in iOS 10 on iPhone

Step #2. Toggle Off Auto App Download.

Turn Off Auto App Download in iOS 10 on iPhoneDelete the App and Reinstall It

Apps continue to pile up documents and data in the background. And over the time, it becomes so problematic that it doesn’t allow the app to function properly. In order to resolve it, simply delete the app and reinstall it.

To delete the app; just tap and hold until the app icon starts wiggling. Then tap on the cross sign and confirm in the popup.

Delete Apps from iPhoneReset All Settings

Personally, I’ve been able to fix the app crashing issue quite a few times by resetting all settings. Of course, it’s a bit painful as you will have to enter Wi-Fi passwords again but it can do the trick. Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings.

If nothing works

If all the above-mentioned tips don’t work, then you can downgrade iOS 10 beta to iOS 9.3.2.

Knowing the newest iOS ecosystem is in beta, you have to be prepared to face some minor bugs and wait for the next update rather than shooting it away.

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