Apple USB C Cables and Adapters for MacBook 12 Inch

Apple has launched the most gorgeous 12″ MacBook ever made. With attractive features like retina display, unbelievably slim profile, MacBook has packed in everything a user would love to have.

The newest MacBook has a single USB-port charging. As a result, users will have to content with it for all the other use. If users want to use it with other devices, they will require an efficient adapter. Here is the list of some highly advanced adapters introduced by Apple itself. Let’s take a quick look!

Apple USB C Cables and Adapters for MacBook 12 Inch

Apple’s Official USB-C Adapters For 12″ MacBook

#1. USB-C To USB AdapterApple USB-C To USB AdapterThis Adapter is equipped to support USB 3.1 with 10Gbps speed. It will let users not only connect iOS devices but also other industry standard accessories to MacBook with USB-C port.

You can easily plug USB-C adapter into the USB-C port of MacBook and after that connect camera, flash drive or any standard device. Besides, you can also connect USB cable to the USB-C port of MacBook in order to sync and charge your iPhone or iPad conveniently. It is priced at $19.

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#2. USB-C VGA Multiport AdapterApple USB-C VGA Multiport AdapterThis is a versatile VGA adapter which provides three kinds of connections USB 3.1, USB-C and VGA. It allows users to enjoy MacBook display on VGA-enabled TV. It requires a VGA cable in order to connect to your TV or projector. The best thing about this powerful adapter is that it allows display up to 1080p HD. It has the support of both video and audio outputs.

You can use the USB port to connect devices like, camera, flash drive or USB cable in order to sync or charge your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, it allows you to connect charging cable to the USB-C port in order to charge your MacBook. It has been priced at $79.


#3. USB-C Digital AV Multiport AdapterApple USB-C Digital AV Multiport AdapterThis is a multi-tasking digital adapter which offers three varieties of inputs such as, USB, HDMI and USB-C. This adapter allows MacBook display on HDMI-enabled TV up to 1080p HD. You will need an HDMI cable to connect to your TV or projector. It is capable of supporting both video and audio outputs.

As for functionality, this adapter works just like USB-C VGA adapter. Its market price is $79.

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