According to the patent application, Apple has invented a new woven band that will have a display. Cupertino based giant filed the patent application in May 2014 with US Patent & Trademark Office.

From the details of application, the new wrist band will be woven from normal opaque fabrics having light transmissive fibers woven along with it in a particular pattern. These fibers are capable of transmitting light and will work like a display to convey information to the user.

Apple is Working on Woven Fabric Display

The new technology might be used as a new wrist band for Apple Watch. From the information available from patent application, it is evident that this new band will display basic information like time, and notification alert by changing its colors.

Woven Fabric Display

Interesting part is that the application mentions it to have electromagnetic connection. This means there are possibilities of Apple Watch upgrade, in order to make this electromagnetic connection possible. In simple words, electromagnetic connection will transmit light signals from Apple Watch and the same will be reflected on the Woven display.

Woven Fabric Display in Wearable Device

As per the summary fetched from US Patent & Trademark office, “The disclosed embodiments incorporate light pipe fibers into woven fabric, such as a tether or wrist band, used with an electronic device. The light pipes receive light from LED’s in the electronic device at the point of connection of the fabric to the electronic device such that the light pipes can function as an electronic display on the band…”

From the above summary it is clear that the band will need external source of connection to display information. Display will be woven from fibers such as nylon, glass, and polymers which are capable of transmitting light. To make this display possible, Apple will need to weave this band with computer controlled three-dimensional knitting equipment. The machine is capable to accurately weave variety of fibers into complex designs.

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