Faced with huge competition from the likes of Amazon, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana, Apple is working hard to empower Siri. According to Business Insider, the Cupertino-based company has a secret office in Cambridge where it’s working on the personal assistant.

Recently, Siri has come under a lot of flak from all quarters for its inability to answer even simple questions. One of the biggest problems with Apple’s AI-powered personal assistant is that it’s unable to understand different accents let alone responding the questions!

Apple Secretly Working to Make Siri Talk More Naturally

Empowered by VocalIQ, Siri to Talk More Naturally

“Those working inside are aiming to make Siri talk more naturally, according to a source that knows a number of Apple’s Cambridge employees. Two employees of a local company in an office less than 100 meters away had no idea that Apple had an office in Cambridge. However, an employee of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, which is located next to the building, confirmed that Apple is indeed the tenant.”

With the help of VocalIQ’s software, Siri will reportedly have the skill to talk more naturally. Hence, it will be more interesting to talk with the personal assistant on iDevices.

“Apple’s Cambridge office is home to less than 30 people, including many of the employees from VocalIQ — a voice recognition startup that was spun out from the university and acquired by Apple in 2015. for up to $100 million (£80 million) – according to a source that’s familiar with Apple’s operations in the city. Apple has a lot of room to hire more people at the office, the source added.”

With the introduction of macOS Sierra, Siri is now available on Mac as well. In iOS 10, it works with third party apps as well. But still, there is plenty of room for improvements.

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