Apple’s WatchKit is out. Do you have a Clearer Picture of Apple Watch Now?

Another bonanza from Apple is out. They call it an Apple Watchkit -the platform on which app developers would try their hands. While building an app for mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad comes with enormous opportunities, using WatchKit to develop apps for Apple Watch is no less than any challenge. The pretty big sum is device’s screen resolution, size, and above all programming limitations. So now, since WatchKit is out, can we paint a picture of a much awaited wearable gadget from Apple?

AppleInsider reveals that there would be two wearable devices from Apple. The smaller version is likely to have 272X340 pixels and the larger would have 312X390. Thought the exact pixel density is not known as the dimensions speak about the overall display sizes.

Apple WatchKit is outWhat is most captivating is Apple is slowly but steadily promoting the Internet of Things (IoT). The Apple Watch would require your iPhone to function. Should we read between the lines? Ah… this means the programming logic should revolve around the iPhone because it’s the source device sending messages or things the like to get displayed on the Apple Watch! Well, the concept of “app working smoothly across all devices” remains intact. Take some animation, for instance, on the iPhone. It will be prerendered on the processing unit of your phone before being sent to Apple Watch as a sequence of the image. But then, it’s for the initial stage of the launching. The fullfledged native apps for Apple Watch are due later half of the next year.

What does the kit contain?

The Apple WatchKit comes with its bag of tricks to quench the thirst of enthusiastic app developers. The developers can have a three dimensional approach. They can play with WatchKit applications, actionable notification, and Glances.

As the name suggests, the Glance is something that gives notification which is template based. For instance, if you have an application that tells you about the room temperature on your iPhone, it’ll be sent to the Apple Watch display. You cannot interact with this app, but it is surely linked with the parent application on your phone.


A WatchKit app is a simple standalone application whereas actionable notification refers to notification you can interact with. The information in the form of notification allows the user to respond. Having said this, the feature is actually an extension of the notification that is on the iPhone your Apple Watch is linked with. Experts say that Apple WatchKit provides enough room to control these notifications’ behavior and appearance.

Apple’s press release talks about the ESPN application which gives good insight about the Three dimensional approach. In addition to that, you also find that Apple Watch would also let you quickly take a snap or reply with an emoji. Furthermore, the wearable gadget will also allow its users to have a realtime view of ‘Likes’, comments and plenty of other things.

If this has provided you with a glimpse of how Apple Watch apps can be developed, it is up to your gray matter how innovatively you can think and come up with customized apps for Apple Watch in the next year.