Apple Watch Series 4 Wish List: 10 Things I Want to See in My Next Smartwatch

Apple's next smartwatch is expected to be released in September this year, and everybody is making wild guesses about its features. Putting guesswork aside, I have created the Apple Watch Series 4 wish list. There are ten things I want to see in my next smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to be released this fall. And rumor mills have started to spin or grind stories (read “wish list”). When somebody creates a wish list, s/he would hardly settle for something common. You let your imagination loose and come up with the ideas impossible to realize. Let’s talk sense.

My wish list is based on my observations and personal experiences with all Apple Watches released by the company. I have been facing some issues, and my wishes stem from what difficulties I encountered since I got my first Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Wish List: Things I Want to See in My Next Smartwatch

The idea of creating a wish list is not to compare Apple Watch with other smartwatches available on the market. However, when I find something better in Android Wear or Fitbit Versa, I wish my Apple Watch had that feature.

Reduce the Bezel

I would like to rephrase the point: increase the screen size. I guess this can only happen if Apple reduces the bezel. The 38mm edition is too small for any user to interact with. And not all users would like to buy or can afford 42mm Apple Watch. Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the new watches would have a 15% larger display. Remember, Kuo has a better accuracy rate when it comes to Apple rumors.

Stronger Battery

If Apple manufactures watches with a larger display, it has to strengthen the battery of the device. The current Watch Series 3 Li-ion battery has 279mAh capacity. This battery lasts up to 18 hours (mixed usage).

A light usage would increase the battery life of Apple Watch. But then the usage depends on the user’s requirement and the way s/he uses the watch. A pro-user always gets most out of the device. Week-Long battery life is expected from Apple.

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If this sounds too much, note that most wearable devices including Fitbit Versa and Samsung Gear S3 have the battery life of four and three days respectively. The Garmin Forerunner 935 can beat all with its two-week long battery (in watch mode).

Volume and Sound

One of the primary benefits of a smartwatch is less use of a smartphone. Everything is “handy” in the real sense of the term. When I say everything, I would like to write PHONE CALLS in bold and capital.

While I am driving my car or two-wheeler, I don’t like to use my phone even as someone is calling me. Since CarPlay is not available on all cars, I have to rely on my Apple Watch for a quick chat. Weak volume makes the caller muffled. I wish I had talked to the caller on my iPhone.

Apple needs to enhance the sound and volume. When you are in a crowded place and receive a call, you can hardly hear the ringtone on your Apple Watch. A haptic touch notifies you that somebody is calling you.

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When you take that call, you cannot talk to the person if you are out of home/office/car. You can blame the weak sound of Apple Watch. Poor audibility spoils your conversation.

Waterproof Standards

Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 may be used for shallow water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, both watches cannot resist activities like scuba diving, water skiing, or other activities that involve high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth.

Moreover, Apple allows you to use Watch Series 2 and 3 for the shower, but the company doesn’t recommend users to expose the watch to soap, shampoo, conditioners, lotions, or perfumes. These materials cause a negative impact on water seals and acoustic membranes of the watch.

Apple has enormous scope to improve the waterproof standards of its upcoming watch. Fitness enthusiasts would like to measure calories they burn during such water sports, as these activities are now part of their fitness regimen. With improved waterproof standards, users can take their Apple Watch anywhere.

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A couple of months back, Phone Arena spotted that Apple had already filed a patent with USPTO  for an “electronic device having the display with curved edges.”

Following this, rumor has it that Apple was likely to bring a smartwatch with a round face. If this turns out true, users would certainly welcome this design change as they have been waiting for this circular Apple Watch.

There is the pop psychology that leads users to believe that if it is not circular, it is not watch. This applies to a smartwatch as well. The traditional design of the watch is etched in the minds of users, and therefore, they want their smartwatch too in a circular shape.

Music Storage

The built-in storage of Fitbit Versa allows users to store 300 songs on the smartwatch. All the fitness freaks would appreciate this as they can save their workout albums on their Fitbit Versa. Apple provides 16GB internal memory, but users cannot save so many songs.

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Apple must expand this watch storage to let users store music locally so that they can play their favorite songs especially while they are doing exercise.

Copy & Paste

Apple has created a robust ecosystem, in which, all Apple devices are well connected with each other. One of the benefits is to copy the text or content from one device and paste it on another. For example, I can copy a message from my iPhone and then paste it on the Notes app opened on my Mac.

Unfortunately, Apple has excommunicated its smartwatch for this purpose of copy and paste text. Apple Watch is becoming an essential device for sharing content. Apple should give serious consideration to this wish and introduce this feature in its upcoming Apple Watch Series 4.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood pressure is rising worldwide, and tech giant like Apple has already taken a step in that direction to measure the pressure of users. Two years ago, Apple filed a patent for a device that measures blood pressure or wearers.

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From the image of the device, it seems to be a device whose function can be rolled into future Apple Watches. If this happens, fitness lovers will welcome this feature with open arms. And I would like to buy that watch even though it has an expensive price tag.

Female Health Tracking

Fitbit has already done this in its Versa smartwatch. This feature helps women log menstrual cycles and symptoms, get period predictions, show menstrual cycle data along with other health data.

There is no rumor or gossip about female health tracking in the Apple Watch Series 4. Maybe Apple surprises all those women users in its next event to be held in September.

Lightning Connector/USB – C

Finally, I too like to indulge in far-fetched imagery. I am fed up with this magnetic charger, which only charges my Apple Watch. I want Apple to devise a technology that allows me to connect my watch with my Mac so that I can see my Apple Watch data on the larger screen. Is it possible for Apple?

Well, recent rumors claim that Apple is planning to ditch its lightning connector in 2019 iPhones and will install USB-C port. In that case, I will be happy with USB-C port in my Apple Watch as well. All I want is to see my Apple Watch next to my iPhone in iTunes.

That’s all friends!

Note that I have shared my wish list for Apple Watch Series 4. I have created this wish list based on rumors/gossips and what I want to see my future Apple Watch like.

Your take…

Ideas do come from anywhere. My wishlist for the future Apple Watch may or may not like you. However, there are many things feasible for the tech giant. Let’s see how things develop and what Apple does with its next smartwatch?

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