For the last couple of weeks, it was 2018 iPhone X that created a sort of furor among gossip mills. For a change, the spotlight has leveled on the Apple Watch. Along with iPhones, Apple Watch Series 4 is expected this fall, and the new design & display of the watch shows it will be 15% larger Apple Watch.

The reports came from none other than industry expert Ming-Chi Kuo, whose predictions cannot be brushed aside. If reports are to be believed, people will see a completely changed design, which has been there on all the previous three watches released by Apple.

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Apple Watch 4 Design Concept

Apple Watch Series 4: Bigger Screen Size in the Offing

According to Kuo, the two upcoming models of Apple Watch will measure 1.57 inches (39.9mm) and 1.78 inches (45.2mm). The measurements are slightly larger than the current 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch sizes.

However, there is a twist. It is unclear if the casings themselves will be larger or if cutback in bezel size will allow for larger OLED displays. A concept designer has shared his Apple Watch Series 4 concepts here.

If you closely look at the concepts created by Venya Geskin, you will get an idea how a larger display could look like on a new Apple Watch. Note that the designer has retained the current physical dimensions of the watch.

Apple Watch 3 vs. Apple Watch 4 Screen Size

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The screen of the Series 4 flaunts rounded corners to align with the reduced bezels and maximize the display area, something you find on the iPhone X.

Is there any benefit to users?

As per Ryan Jones (developer), if Apple will introduce larger screens, it will give users 35 and 38 percent larger display area for the two models respectively.

It will create a positive impact on user interaction as they would get larger display; there will be bigger clock faces and virtual buttons, and more space for viewing text, and less scrolling for users.

Moreover, watchOS 5 will have rich HTML content to Apple’s smartwatch; thus, a larger screen would elevate the experience of navigating websites and interacting with them.

Kuo predicts that Apple Watch Series 4 will have better health monitoring features, which include improved heart rate capabilities. However, it is not clear if the improvements will be seen in the hardware or software of the watch.

For fitness enthusiasts, the new Apple Watch will be packed with a powerful battery. Kuo believes that the integration of solid-state buttons that don’t click physically but use a Taptic Engine will give haptic feedback to users, and this may probably give extra room for a larger battery.

Your opinion…

In the brouhaha of iPhone X models, Apple Watch Series 4 was pushed on the back burner. With this rumor, there is a fresh whiff of speculations and predictions ringing in the tech world.

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