After a long wait, Apple Inc. now begins sales of its much-awaited Apple Watch in Australia and Japan. The Cupertino-based techno giant has kicked off in-store sales of smart watch in the two countries.

More stores are expected to begin selling after Apple retail stores open on Wednesday. However, Apple has kept one more barrier for consumers to cross before they can own the coveted piece.

Apple Watch Launched in Australia and Japan

According to brand’s online store, customers who want to own this Apple Watch have to make a reservation and set preference; once it is done, they can walk into the store, that starts at 8 (local time.)

To start registration process, customers have to click on “Check reservation availability” on the page of the watch they wish to buy. From this page, customers can select their local Apple Store to find an open reservation slot. The page will flash a green checkmark if the watch is available; customers can also look for next available time.

Customers need to type in their local mobile phone to get a unique reservation code. Once they receive this code, customers have got 30 minutes to complete the reservation before the code expires. Official sources said that the demand is so high that certain models of Apple Watch may run out of stock before reservation is confirmed.

If your choice of model is not available for in-store pickup, the website will display select-a-store option in gray. However, you can always visit the website again at 8 am when fresh stock is updated. And the online purchase is always an option for customers, who have patience.

Media experts believe that Apple will keep its in-store sales limited to the original launch countries, which include Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US. For other markets, Apple is likely to open sales starting June 26. These markets may include Italy, Singapore, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan.

It is notable that Apple had launched its luxury retail boutiques in Los Angeles, London, Paris and Tokyo along with the sale through exclusive online store nearly two months ago; now the brand has initiated its in-store sales move.