The big launch is over. Apple announced two upcoming iPhones – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But what stole the limelight was Apple Watch, the device we've all been calling iWatch for so long.

Apple Watch Release Date Confirmed in April-2015

The iWatch – it will take me a long time to get used to calling it Apple Watch – will be releasing in early 2015. Apple hasn’t given a date, only a time frame. And the price of the Apple Watch would be $349. That’s about close to the latest $400-price-tag rumor.

Apple Watch Release Date April-2015Apple showed us all the “Watch” in the Keynote. It’s a great device: there are lots of things that the Apple Watch brings to the table where, needless to point out, other wearable devices have failed so far. It would be too early to judge the efficacy and usability of Apple Watch but the company has got people’s attention and piqued their interest.

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The Apple Watch would be releasing early next year, according to Tim Cook. When exactly is “early”? That is anybody's guess. Typically, early 2015 could mean Q1. Although we are hoping that the Apple Watch is released in January which is the earliest, there’s no saying when Apple would decide to launch it.

Typically, March has been a time when Apple shows some product refreshes/upgrades.

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Apple Watch Price

So how much will the iWatch cost?

The official price-tag for Apple Watch is $349. That’s close to the $400 rumor. The Apple Watch is available in three “editions” (besides the smaller and bigger versions). It looks like all the models and versions will cost the same. Possibly, variations in band options could reflect on the price.

While there are these three editions in two sizes, there is a plethora of options when it comes to the watch bands. It will be interesting to see all the various options that the iWatch/Apple Watch will be showing up in.