Apple Watch was initially expected to be the “Apple iWatch” but on September 9th, Apple made a surprising debut of it’s first wearable ever, the Apple “Watch”. The watch was announced along with iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The other two devices are on sale. However, the watch is expected to launch in early 2015.

But we’ve something interesting to share with you. The Apple Watch was spotted on display at Colette ahead of Paris fashion week. No one can deny the fact that Moto 360 is currently the best smartwatch in market and since Apple knows it, this might just be another way of promotion.

Colette Apple Watch

Describing the scene at Colette

Whatever the reason might be, Apple Watch fans are always happy to see their favorite watch. Several Apple fans have also captured images of the watch and fortunately they’ve posted them on Instagram and Twitter, and this is how we got to know about the showcase. According to reports, Apple had teamed up with Parisian fashion boutique Colette to display the watch for an exclusive “one-day only” event during Paris Fashion Week.

Members of the Apple watch team could be easily spotted in the Paris fashion week, and in the Colette store, located at 213 rue Saint-Honoré in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris is where the Apple watch was spotted. According to an Instagram user, the Colette store remained hidden whole day as fans were coming and going just to have a closer look at the Watch.

The preparations were over on September 29 and the watch was showcased next day. During all this commotion, the Colette website also stated about the “Apple Watch windows” that were on display yesterday, which increased the buzz. One thing I would like to mention is that yesterday was the same day on which Microsoft was supposed to reveal Windows 10 (which it did perfectly). The matching of dates for both events might just be a simple coincidence or another planned business step.

Both the 38mm and 42mm versions were displayed

On September 9 only dummy watches were shown to guests who attended the event, and therefore yesterday was no doubt a great opportunity to see a fully functional Apple Watch. It’s important to note that both the 38mm and 42mm versions of the Apple Watch were shown to the public. The models included in the display were: Apple Watch Sport Collection, Apple Watch Collection and also the Apple Watch Edition Collection, which features 18-karat gold casings and a sapphire display. One thing that becomes crystal clear after this one-day event is that the watches are almost ready and might go under mass production in a few days.

Apple Watch Event

Regular customers were only allowed to see the watches while some journalists were allowed to try on the devices and check out it’s capabilities. Since Apple has also been pushing the wearable device as a fashionable accessory, well-known fashion publications were invited to the event. InStyle and Vogue were pretty impressed with the Apple Watch and its design. However, others like The Doneger Group’s Roseanne Morrison were quite unimpressed and they were hard on Apple calling it “not pretty” and “future techno as opposed to feminine sexy.”

The Apple Watch which starts at $349 and runs up to $1,200 for the high-end Edition version, is coming next year and according to a recent report Apple might launch it on Valentine’s day. So best of luck Apple for your first smartwatch. And for our readers, do share your thoughts in the comments below.