Apple Watch: The Fluctuating Fortune of Apple’s First Wearable Device

Ever since Apple announced its first foray into wearable device last September, there has been debate going on about whether it will make a gigantic hit or a super flop. And amidst all these talks, people are awaiting impatiently as to what will be the fortune of the watch that might just change the way people look at custom watches.

Future of Apple Watch

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Every time the Cupertino giant brings something new, the world expects it to be out of the box. Such has been its amazing roller-coaster ride in the last two decades that from fans, users and media everyone looks at it with very esteemed hope. So, what will be the fortune of Apple Watch – probably the most anticipated launch of 2015? Will it embark a new era of wearable devices or be declared a total dud as reported by some media?

Taking everything into account, let’s look at some highs and lows of Apple watch and discuss why it will or won’t create a history!

Three Distinctive Varieties

The Apple Watch will come in three distinctive varities-1-Watch (Aluminium) 2- Watch Sport (Fashionable Stainless) 3- Watch Edition (Luxe gold). The different varieties will suit the interest of different class. It may work in its favour and help it attract people.

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With beautiful design and packed in with advanced technology, the different categories may save the day for it.

Tons Of (iOS) Features

Apple Watch will have tons of iOS features like, communicating (messaging/voice), making payments, logging biometric data, alerting (with alarms) controlling other devices. People would love to use it in sync with their iOS devices.

It would be fun to have a watch loaded with all the qualities that you generally find with your iPhone/iPad.

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Marvelous History

According to a survey that claimed that only 5% iPhone users are reported to have shown the interest in owning the Apple Watch. And, even if it goes to be true, do you know how big the number could be?

Currently, there are over 500 million iPhone users are in the world excluding the ones who have just joined in the prestigious club. Even 5% out of the huge existing iPhone users will bail it out wonderfully. Let alone other Apple enthusiasts and millions of loyal users who may go for it-no matter what!

Lack Of Killer Features

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Apple watch lacks the killer features. All the features it boasts of are mostly found in other iOS devices. It doesn’t have something that may make people say that it is the unique specialty of the Watch.

Despite being loaded with qualities, people might prefer to use their iPhone instead of doing the same with their ultra-modern watch.

Too High Price

The entire global market is flooded with perennial watches with a fabulous history behind them. Despite being a unique utility, it is still considered to be nothing but an item for fashion. When you can buy a world class watch in less than $100, you would think twice or even thrice before paying three times as high as this extravagant watch.

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Poor Battery

Poor battery has been reported to be one of the biggest reasons behind the low curiosity of people around the world. The watch will go for a day after one charge. Means, you will have to charge it every night. But, what if you forget to power it up after the day’s work; won’t it be switched off in the morning? That’s not something you would want from such an expensive device generally known to show mere time!

It has to get better than this to make its presence felt. No doubt, it will have the qualities but the price might just make the prospective customers turn away from it.

So, where does the fortune lie?

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Just a look at the renowned history of Apple makes you know that even with misses; it has created unprecedented records worth imitating by its competitors. Despite being already labelled as a complete flop, it would be a blunder to even think so. Hit or miss one thing can be safely said that it is all set to usher into a new era. The era which will see custom watches transform themselves into something never seen before.

Jignesh Padhiyar
Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting contents on social media.
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