Fall Detection on Apple Watch Series 4 Saves a Life of an Octogenarian

For Dotty White, an octogenarian, her Apple Watch Series 4 proved a lifesaver. After meeting a terrible accident at KENNEBUNK, Maine, Fall Detection feature quickly sent a message to her son and daughter, who immediately rushed to the spot.

Apple launched its smartwatch as a fashion statement. But soon the company realized that it could be a great fitness tracker and a health companion for users. Over time, Apple added more health features. And now the Apple Watch has become a life savior for many users.

If you ask 87-year old Dotty White and her family, they can’t thank Apple Watch enough. White was involved in a car accident at KENNEBUNK, Maine; it was a terrible accident for a lady, who was shaken and confused. However, White’s Apple Watch quickly informed first responders and her family.

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Dotty White’s Apple Watch Sends Messages for Quick Help

As reported by News Center Maine, Dotty White’s accident occurred at an intersection in downtown KENNEBUNK. “It was a nice day, I’m on my way home with lots of nice groceries and bang,” Dotty said. “I’ve never been in an accident in a car — I’ve never even gotten a ticket in a car.”

About the accident, White said, “Apparently a woman came out of a road here and ran straight into me.”

Completely shock-ridden, White didn’t know how she would contact her family, but her watch did all the tasks meticulously.

Thanking her Apple Watch, White said, “My watch told me ‘we have you falling on route one in Kennebunk…help is on the way’.”

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Apple Watch’s Fall Detection feature immediately knew it was a hard fall for White, and it quickly informed her family and first responders of this fall.

According to White, “The watch dialed my son in Florida, it dialed my daughter in Massachusetts and my daughter in Maine. So they knew something had happened and they knew where it happened.”

Dotty’s son James White was notified about this fall via a text message; James called his sister, who sped to her mother.

James is glad that he got that message in time as he and his sister both knew where their mom was.

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That’s all, friends!

Video: TECHNOLOGY SAVES THE DAY: Meet 87-Year Old Dotty White!

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