Apple Watch Doesn’t Need iPhone to Track Your Runs and Few Fitness Levels

All the interesting functionalities and features of the Apple Watch are almost out and very much known to most Apple fans. However, there are still some tricks which may be fully revealed only when the Watch is out publicly. Contrasting many media reports that

Contrasting many media reports that Apple Watch would heavily rely on iPhone to help it track your run, Christy Turlington-Burns, the spokesperson of the Watch, has revealed that Apple Watch doesn’t need an iPhone in its range to let it track not only your runs but also many important fitness levels.

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Christy Turlington-Burns is a former Vogue model. She has been managing a blog on for the last three weeks related to Apple Watch.

She shares her experience regarding how Apple watch has hugely assisted her in training for the London Marathon. Apple Watch users can interact with her and seek her fitness related tips as well. The gorgeous model also runs her famous charity organization named

The gorgeous model also runs her famous charity organization named Every Mother Counts. The Cupertino-based company has roped in her to enhance the already skyrocketing appeal of the Apple Watch and inspire people to attain better fitness with the use of the watch’s rich functionalities.

She notes that once you take your iPhone with you to aid Apple Watch to track your run, the Workout app learns about your stride and therefore doesn’t need iPhone subsequently to gather the summary of your workout.

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Christy Turlington-Burns writes, After you run with your Apple Watch and your iPhone a few times, the Workout app knows about your stride. So, you can run on a treadmill or outside without your phone and still get a really accurate workout summary.

Hence, if you had been a little worried about the fact that you would require carrying your iPhone whenever you go for a run to track your workout, this news can be interesting. Personally, I would consider it a huge achievement for the watch. As fitness freak myself, it would be nice to leave the iPhone behind and go for a long run without having to bother about whether the phone is around or not.

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