The recent headlines in media have been critical of Apple Watch reception in the market. The general feeling of dissatisfaction was palpable from different news emerged after the first three months sale of Apple Watch. But here is something cheerful for Apple Watch lovers and for Apple too.

According to an analyst’s latest reports, it is suggested that Apple Watch has a staggering 97% satisfaction rate among the early buyers.

Apple Watch Higher Satisfaction Rating

The satisfaction rate among Apple Watch users has beaten the two of its sister products iPhone and iPad, both stood at 92% and 91% respectively in terms of satisfaction rate. However, current iPhone scores higher at 99%.

Ben Bajarin, who surveyed more than 800 Apple Watch owners, said that 99% of the total surveyed described themselves as either “very satisfied” or “delighted” with the Watch; while 31% were “somewhat satisfied”. Only 2% watch owners were “neither satisfied or dissatisfied”, and the remaining 1% were “somewhat dissatisfied”.

Apple Watch Customer SatisfactionChallenging the authenticity of this survey, there are other analysts who claim that this can’t be “the definitive proof of Apple Watch acceptance”. They believe that sales figures would speak louder than the survey. However, this survey could be a silver lining for Apple as news stories of people returning the device were making rounds recently.

Bajarin backs his take on this theory about the Watch:

“As I listened to different people tell me about their Apple Watch, I observed a pattern. Those whose job it was to think about the Apple Watch or who were early adopters who thought deeply about tech and the tech products they buy, were all much more critical of the watch. You could tell they evaluated it and thought about it deeply from every angle by their responses. Then I talked with teachers, firefighters, insurance agents, and those not in the tech industry and not hard-core techies. These groups of people couldn’t stop raving about the Apple Watch and how much they loved the product. It was almost as if the farther away people were from tech or the tech industry, the more they liked the Apple Watch.”

The theory clearly mentions that non-techies were all enthusiastic about the Apple Watch as compared to the techies. This could be a smile-and-sob situation for Apple as the average consumers are easily carried away by positive and negative reviews. Apple now has to make sure that such news does not find its way to street consumers’ mail box.