Apple Watch Charging Stands Under $30 in 2019: Style is Now Within your Budget

Your precious Apple Watch needs special accessories that complement your smartwatch. As you adore this new piece, you wouldn’t like to put it anywhere at home or office. Here is a perfect solution – Apple Watch Charging Stands. Browse through this list of ten charging stands for your Watch. Keeping budget in mind, I’ve listed charging docks priced below $30.

While reviewing the watch docks, there are three important features that I have paid special attention upon Durability, neat cable management, and more comfy viewing angle. Knowing that many of you would be rocking AirPods, I’ve also chosen the charging docks that offer kind of one-stop charging solution for Apple Watch, iPhone and the Bluetooth earphones. Let’s check out if they are worth your time!

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Apple Watch Charging Stands Under $30 in 2019

#1. Spigen

Spigen Apple Watch Stand

Spigen is one of the popular brands in Apple Watch accessories. This Apple Watch charging stand comfortably holds the Watch at a perfect viewing angle. With this charging stand, scratches on your Watch will become a history as this aluminum stand with TPU dock avoids scratching.

Its perfect round cut out tightly fits the charger beneath the watch. The stand boasts simplicity yet flaunts sleek appearance, which makes your watch visually amazing even as it is off your wrist.

USP: Scratch-resistant design
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#2. Orzly

Orzly Apple Watch Charging Stand

If the compact design is at the top of your requirements, you should consider “Orzly” charging stand. It’s made of soft TPU material and features non-slip base. As a result, it holds the smartwatch perfectly while charging, making it convenient for you to interact with the device without any discomfort.

With the small footing, this dock doesn’t take much space on your desk. And thanks to the neat cable management, it doesn’t clutter your space either.

USP: Pretty compact design
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OMOTON Apple Watch Charging Stand

Believe me; there are very Apple Watch charging stands that look as refined as this offering from OMOTON. It’s well built and ideally holds both the iPhone and Apple Watch for secure charging.

The inclusion of smooth silicone pad doesn’t allow scratches to damage the shine of your devices, while the anti-skidding base helps it remain steady. With the multiple viewing angles, you can continue to use your device even when they are being powered up. Plus, you also have three attractive color options like rose gold, black, and silver.

USP: Well-built design
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#4. Tranesca

Tranesca Apple Charging Stand

I like the simple yet functional design of Tranesca. The charging stand made of high-grade aluminum and features refined finish for an aesthetic look.

Incorporated with rubber pad, it keeps your smartwatch protected from scrapes. One notable feature is that it holds the watch from a 40-degree angle so that you get much-improved viewing angle.

And the Nightstand mode support makes it a cool bedside stand. Besides, Tranesca comes in three color options like gold, rose gold and silver grey.

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USP: Offers improved viewing angle
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BEACOO Apple Watch Stand

What headlines for “BEACOO” Apple Watch dock is the solid built-up that makes it highly durable.  It holds your smartwatch and iPhone at a more comfortable angle. Thus your usage doesn’t come to a halt.

The case-friendly design ensures you don’t have to remove the cover of your iPhone before putting it on charge. To me, this is a must-have feature, and I don’t fail to check it out before putting my bucks on a dock. As for colors, BEACOO charging stand is available in three options like black, white and the ever gorgeous pink.

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USP: Durable construction
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#6. Aerb

Aerb Apple Watch Charging Dock

Should you think of trying out a compact wooden dock, you shouldn’t give a miss to Aerb. It’s carved out of bamboo wood and looks very solid.

The smooth edges give it a bit modern look. Besides, it is pretty lightweight and designed to be a decent charger for both your iPhone and Apple Watch. The cable management is on-point ensuring there is no chance of cable clutter on your desk.

USP: Bamboo wood
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#7. Hapurs

Hapurs Apple Watch Dock

If you have found Aerb watch dock appreciable chances are you would like giving a serious look to Hapurs as well. Just like the former, it’s also readied with the eco-friendly bamboo wood. It’s strong enough to resist impact.

You can use this wooden dock to power up your iPhone as well as the watch with the desired convenience. Four and a half stars out of almost 1000 customer reviews offer a fair indication of how well it’s being received.

USP: Classy wooden dock
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KEHANGDA Apple Watch Charging Stand

So much about the 2-in-1 charging stands? Why not give a try to the one that works efficiently not just for your smartwatch, iPhone but also your AirPods?

For providing an efficient charging solution to your multiple devices, you can’t go wrong with KEHANGDA. With the soft silicone, your devices have the additional protection from scratches. Moreover, it also works with most cases, so you don’t need to remove the cover from your smartphone before charging.

USP: Charges Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods
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LAMEEKU Apple Watch Docking Station

I look at “LAMEEKU” as a handy organizer for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and Apple Pencil. You can use this charging dock to charge these devices and keep them perfectly organized. The aluminum alloy and wood construction give it a bit different look.

The 60° viewing angle makes interacting with your devices a comfy experience. There is a rubber ring to prevent abrasion from damaging the Apple Watch. And the soft pad provides extra protection to the iPhone. Plus, there are five color options so that you can choose a better match.

USP: A neat organizer for Phone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Apple Pencil
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#10. Mercase

Mercase Apple Watch Charging Stand

What has grabbed my attention in “Mercase” is the pragmatic design. The dock holds the Apple Watch at a stable 30-degree angle. That means you get the required convenience to check out the latest alerts without getting out of your comfort level.

Due mainly to the delicate TPU, the dock provides the essential care to the smartwatch. There is a watch band slot to ensure the smartwatch rests with complete peace.

You can also position your iPhone in the landscape mode for a better hands-free experience. Furthermore, the anti-skidding silicone at the bottom endows more stability so that your devices stay steady.

USP: Impressive design
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That’s all, folks!

Your favorite dock?

Despite being affordably priced, the above docking stations can give a long run to the ones that are available at a much higher price, can’t they? Do let me know your thoughts about them and the one you have chosen for your endearing watch.

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