Apple Watch Battery Life: How Long Will Your Apple Watch Last Each Day?

A typical watch has a battery life of several years. With a smart-watch (not talking about Pebble), you can’t expect it to run as long (at least, not yet) and the Apple Watch is no exception to this rule. However, given the scope of the things that it can do, the Apple Watch does pack a punch with standard 18-hour battery life.

Apple Watch Battery Life

A lot of people are interested in finding out how long the Apple Watch will last. Most users who fall into the smartwatch-bracket are probably expecting the watch to last a day (and a little more) so it goes through a daily charging cycle at the end of the day. The Apple Watch has been put through rigorous charge-cycle tests and Apple has published some of the results too. Here’s a gist.

18 Hours All-Day Battery Life

Apple says the Watch will clock 18-hours on a regular use involving these things:

  • 90-time checks
  • 90 notifications
  • 45 minutes of app use (total)
  • 30-minute workout with music playback

Of course, there’s a disclaimer as always. This value will vary based on the watch’s configuration. The more features you add to the Watch’s interface and notifications, the lesser the battery life. But an average of 18-hours appears to be good, at least on the surface.

It is, however, very possible that before the end of the day, your Watch will run out of juice. What happens then? It becomes just a watch that shows you time.

72 Hour Power Reserve

That’s where the “Power reserve” kicks in. When your Watch’s battery runs dry completely, it doesn’t die. Instead, the Power Reserve starts up and your Watch will just show the time for up to 72 hours (3 full days, yes).

Workouts? 7 Hours

The Apple Watch is largely focused on fitness and health. So most of us are looking at how long the Watch will run when you use it for workouts. With the heart-rate sensor on and an active workout session, you will be able to extract about 7 hours of use from your Watch. Given that an average workout session lasts about an hour or so, this should be a good number as you’ll probably use the Watch’s heart-rate sensor, etc. at other times.

3 Hours of Talk-time

The Apple Watch can also be used to answer calls. The official reading for this is about 3 hours. That’s sufficient resource for a gadget that’s not primarily your call-answering device.

Audio Playback-Up To 6.5 Hours

Apple Watch will provide up to 6.5 hours of audio playback. If you tune into your favorite music from iPhone to your Apple Watch through Bluetooth, the Watch will consume more battery. However, as compared to the earlier rumor that the watch won’t be able to go on more than 2 to 4 hours with active use, it seems to be good enough.

Charging time: 80% in 1.5hrs

Apple Watch, with its inductive charging feature, will get charged to 80% in 1.5 hours according to the specs. Another hour will lead to a complete charge (100% in 2.5 hours.)

That’s all!

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