Apple’s newest product, Apple Watch, is just about to ship from next month. It has succeeded in creating a mammoth wave around it. Both Apple fans and tech world don’t seem to get tired discussing its specs, features, price and what not. While the impending Apple Watch appears to have more or less impressed buyers, there is a gut feeling on the loop side that the Watch could still have been better. So, where has the Watch lacked or let’s say what sort of enhancements could have made it more appealing?

They say, “No matter how nice something is, there is always some scope of improvements.” If you were given a chance to add more enhancements than what Apple Watch has got, what would be your add-ons purely from the perspective of a smart buyer? Here are the five major improvements which Apple Watch must address in the next generation to make it more user-friendly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Apple Watch 2 Features Expectation

Long Battery Life
Though Apple has confirmed that the Apple watch will go on 18 hours after each charge, there is still some obscurity as to how much it will go if used actively. Users will have to run for power source every night to beef it up. What if you forgot to charge it last night, wouldn’t you have to leave it for at least 2 hours to get it powered up?

Very few people would like to spend on a watch which would require them to charge it without fail. If only the Apple Watch could last more, you wouldn’t have to bother much about it while travelling out of station for a few days.

8 GB of Internal Storage Is Not Good Enough
Apple Watch, irrespective of which models you choose, will have mere 8GB of internal storage. Only 2GB of storage will be given for music and mere 75MB of storage will be put aside for your photos. That’s too little! Can’t we expect more storage from a device for which you would spend so much of money?

More Enhanced Health Apps
According to Wall Street Journal, Apple wanted to bring health sensors which could measure blood pressure, oxygen levels and even tell stress level after examining sweats. However, the Cupertino-based company couldn’t succeed in bringing these features in Health apps in Apple Watch.

Though the Health apps are still good enough, there is always a thin line between better and best. Can we hope that Apple Watch 2 come with all these high quality health features?

Addition of GPS
If you have to send/receive message, you would require your iPhone by your side. As Apple Watch doesn’t have its own GPS, you would have to take your phone along every time you wished to message. Wish, Apple adds GPS to the Watch in its next generation.

Better Apps
There is not much information regarding the interfaces of Apple Watch apps and how they would be able to make a difference from the ones you find in the iPhones or iPads. Even developers may not have the perfect idea as to how they can design the apps that may increase the functionality of the Watch.

We wish the Apple Watch apps to come with more functions and features in the next generation. Of course, even iPhones didn’t have the first-rate apps when it was released in 2007. Hence, we assume the next generation Apple Watch to have better apps.

What’s your take on Apple Watch? What are the areas where you think the Watch can get better? And, what do you expect from the next-generation Apple Watch? Do let us know in the comment?