Apple’s Warren Buffett Paper Wizard Game: First Hands-On Impression

Apple's latest game--Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard for iOS--is out in the wild. Having given it a long shot, I'm all set to share how well this game has lived up to my billing and whether or not it deserves your time.

When the news about Apple CEO Tim Cook’s presence at the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders’ meeting flashed out, I expected nothing but business-related bytes. However, what came as a huge surprise for me was the launch of an interesting newspaper-tossing iPhone game – “Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard.”

Inspired by the real life of the genius, the game seems to be quite fascinating. Being Apple’s first iPhone game since 2008, Paper Wizard has effortlessly caught attention. Having been extremely fond of cool games, I’ve felt like giving a shot to this newspaper-tossing game to see what exactly it has to offer and whether or not it’s worth having a go.

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So, if you are toying with the idea of trying out Apple’s latest iOS game, dive right in along with me to check out my first hands-on impression:

Apple’s Warren Buffett Paper Wizard Game Review

Pretty Simple User-Interface

The one thing that I always want to see in my favorite game is the neat interface as it plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience. Paper Wizard sports a pretty simple and clean interface. Due mainly to the adorable UI and impressive graphics, the game feels familiar right from the word go.

Warren Buffetts Paper Wizard a pretty Simple and Clean Interface

Moreover, Paper Wizard doesn’t require you to enter your email or phone number to sign up. Just download the game and start tossing newspapers to collect tons of Warren Bucks.

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Light-Hearted Yet Challenging Gameplay

The gameplay doesn’t have to be power-backed to keep you hooked for long. Despite having incredibly straightforward gameplay, Paper Wizard can soon find a special place in your collection of light-hearted games. The reason why I say it because the game has got almost all the ingredients to not only keep you on your toes but also push you to give your 100%.

Warren Buffett Paper Wizard Game 3D Version of a Classic Arcade

Mind you, tossing newspapers and delivering them at the targets is never going to be a cakewalk. And you’ve got to practice really hard to perfectly deliver them.

The game is designed to put your paper-flinging skills to the acid test. As you move through the streets of Omaha, Nebraska and to the dreamy Cupertino, California, the challenges compound and so do the stake.

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Whenever you successfully hit the target you get coins. But whenever you fail to deliver the paper, you lose a lot of money. Hurdles like vehicles, birds and street light poles always seem to come in the way. So, you’ve got to not only smash the circles but also ensure the paper doesn’t injure birds or come face to face to the roadblocks.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to dethrone the Paper Wizard who is sitting right at the top of the leaderboard. Of course, it does sound to be a herculean task in the beginning. But if you succeed in holding the fort, achieving the milestone won’t be impossible. So, keep challenging your arm to put you ahead of the race.

And oh, the sound effects (which can be turned off/on from the settings) seem to gel along with the gaming. Therefore, even if you aren’t a big fan of background music, you wouldn’t find it out of sync. That’s for sure!

For all trying my best, I was able to get 47% accuracy that’s a lot less than I want to achieve. And my longest streak consists of just 8 hits–clearly, it’s not something I can boast about on social sites. However, I’m still not done yet and have plenty of chance left to improve my game. So, do not count me out!

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Smooth Touch-Control

Another department where the game seems to excel is the responsiveness. It runs smoothly, and there is absolutely no lag at all. Moreover, the touch gesture for throwing the newspaper works pretty well. As a gamer, this is exactly what you would want to play to your heart’s liking.

Flinging Newspapers to Collect Warren Bucks

Not to mention, it’s completely ad-free, so there is no chance of any interruption while you are deep into gaming. This is one of the reasons why it will soon find a permanent slot during free times to relax your mind.

Regarding compatibility, this game requires iOS 11 or later and works seamlessly with iPhone, iPad but also iPod touch.

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Worth Giving A Shot…Really

Simply put, Paper Wizard has turned out to be a winner during my long run. It’s lightweight and has got the tricks to make you play for long.

I’ve already put it in my special catalog of stress killing apps for iOS and gonna play it more often for relaxation. Should your gaming time wants a fun-loving game; I would definitely recommend you to have a go at it. I bet you gonna like it a lot–right from the onset.

Price: Free

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By the way, what’s your take on this new game? Would you like to give it a try? Share your thoughts with us on Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook as well as download our iOS app so that you can keep track of our latest app reviews.

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