A long fight was ongoing between Apple and Samsung over infringement of Apple’s design and patents by Samsung. The judgment was in favor of the iPhone maker and Samsung had to make a payment of over $500 million.

The Cupertino based giant has filed yet another claim over Samsung for additional $180 million. It seems Apple needs a Christmas gift from Samsung as the holidays have already begun.

Apple Demands 180 Million Dollars from Samsung

Apple’s New Claim for Additional $180 Million

The additional sum of around $180 million is calculated on product-by-product devices that Samsung sold after the judgment was passed against Samsung.

Strangely, the calculation includes a very old Samsung S II on the list. Apple claims that it owes from Samsung for continuous infringement of the patent.

It is clearly evident that Apple is slowly but surely looking for alternatives for its Chip manufacturing. Apple has been relying on Samsung for its Chips and other components. But Samsung might lose Apple’s next A10 Chip orders to TSMC.

Samsung has been leading the race in display technology, but the latest rumors suggest that Apple is trying to be independent by developing its secret facility in Taiwan. This new facility is reported to be developing next generation display for upcoming Apple products.

Over the course of a year, Apple has crushed almost all Samsung’s flagship models with its iPhone 6. Apple does not believe in achieving sales numbers on the cost of profits. Apple is also taking away a staggering 94% of profits from Smartphone industry. Apple’s dominance over Samsung is not limited to Smartphone; the company has beaten Samsung with its Apple Watch as well.

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