Technology never ceases to take rest. The latest buzz in the market is Apple TV 4, which is now available for customers. But the buzz doesn’t stop here; the news is that Apple TV can display 3DTV content on compatible sets.

A third-party developer, Steve Stroughton-Smith twitted that Bugdom 2 is one of the first 3DTV-enabled titles to enter the new tvOS AppStore.

New Apple TV Supports 3D TV Content

A software firm, Pangea Software creates all its tvOS games compatible with 3DTVs; this confirms that Apple’s new platform gives an unparalleled experience to users, who can now explore iOS devices like never-before.

After downloading Bugdom 2, Steve twitted, “Oh wow. Bugdom 2 on tvOS supports 3DTVs. That’s crazy and unexpected,” he said in a tweet, adding, “That’s so trippy.”

Now this is good news for third-party developers too as they can unleash their creativity to design and develop 3DTV supported games and movies. Set-top streaming industry is also going to welcome this new technology with open arms.

Now developer community can make the most of Apple TV’s full potential; however, it was noticeable that at the launch, AppStore is largely populated by hefty iOS apps.

New Zealanders have got benefit of purchasing the new Apple TV; consumers from other parts of the world will receive their shipments on Friday.

Apple TV has been extremely modernized recently for users, and now they can do so many things with Apple TV; users can include Apple Music in Apple TV’s Siri search, enable subtitles on Apple TV, beam YouTube videos to Apple TV by using AirPlay on El Capitan and more.

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