Apple Files Trademarks for Apple Card and Apple Cash in Canada

Apple filed trademarks for Apple Cash and the Apple Card last week in Canada. The US launch is just months away, and Canadians may enjoy access to Apple's new financial instruments earlier than expected.

Apple’s new-fangled Apple Card and Apple Cash may launch next year in Canada. According to a report by The Star, Apple filed a trademark application in Canada for both the Apple Card and Apple Cash. The application was filed at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office last week.

Apple unveiled the Apple Cash and Apple Card platforms a few months earlier. They’re expected to launch first in the United States within the next couple months. Apart from the Canadian intellectual property filing, Apple has also applied to trademark Apple Cash and the Apple Card in Hong Kong and Europe.

Apple Cash and the Apple Card are Exciting New Financial Instruments under Apple Pay

What are Apple Card and Apple Cash? We’ve covered all you need to know about these in this feature, here. To put it briefly, Apple Card and Apple Pay represent a new payment platform based on a partnership between financial giant Goldman Sachs and Apple. The Apple Card is Goldman Sachs’ first consumer credit card issue.

Apple Cash is a closely related development. It’s important to note that it is distinct from Apple Pay. Apple Cash is a peer-to-peer money transfer system within the Apple Pay platform. Much like Venmo, it allows you to transfer and receive money from friends, family, and others using iMessage.

Both Apple Cash and the Apple Card are tied in to Apple Pay. You can register the Apple Card as one of your payment options in Apple Pay, and it’ll work just like a regular credit card. You get a physical card, too to use at places that don’t accept Apple Pay.

The Apple Card has a lot of unique features that make it a better option than regular credit cards. For starters, there’s very close integration with the Apple Pay platform. In fact, you won’t be able to use the Apple Card without an iPhone, and Apple Pay enabled. The close integration lets you track all Apple Card transactions through the app.

The Apple Card simplifies things by eliminating several fees. You won’t have to deal with Late Fees, Annual Fees, Over Limit fees, or others. Another money-saving feature is Daily Cash. This gives you 2 percent cashback on all your Apple Pay transactions.

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