PatentlyApple¬† posts that a report in Korean IT News hints at Apple shifting to IGZO displays from next year (2014). This is particularly interesting if you’re tired of the battery backup of your iPhone/iPad. IGZO displays are good at consuming lesser power than the present crop of display screens.

Also, Foxconn has been hiring en masse to ramp up production of iPhone 5S hinting clearly at a mass production schedule for the iPhone 5S to be released by September.

IGZO iPhone 5S Rumors

IGZO for iPhones and iPads

A report that appeared in Korea’s IT News says that Apple will expand the adoption of IGZO mobile displays to reduce power consumption in its iOS device suite. IGZO, Indium-gallium-zinc-oxide, is a semi-conductor material. It was developed jointly by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Labs. Right now, Apple’s choice lies with LG and Sharp’s existing LED tech. The report says that LG and Sharp will be upgrading their production to IGZO in order to meet the new demand.

Talk about Apple shifting to IGZO has been going on for quite a long time. But every time Apple launched a new product, it held the conventional LED displays.

By shifting to IGZO displays, Apple’s iOS devices can reduce power consumption by a large chunk. With iPhone 5S and beyond, the processors are going to need more power. As such, while Apple still continues to work on increasing the battery capacity, it also explores other means to reduce power consumption in order to make more capacity available for the processors and other specs.

iPhone 5S Release and Mass Production Schedules

In another report from says that Foxconn is on a hiring spree for technical and general worker categories to revamp iPhone 6 production. I think they mean the iPhone 5S which is set to arrive this September. Earlier, rumors said that pilot production of iPhone 5S, iPad 5 are already done with. Should a September release hold good, it’s almost certain that the mass production should begin anytime soon.

The new report about Foxconn’s mass recruitment does indicate that things are gearing up for iPhone 5S’s production. The iPhone 5S release date has been tentatively rumored to fall in September.