Having announced multiple research and development centers in China and India, Apple is now going to set up R&D center in Indonesia next year. The Indonesian government has confirmed that the preparation of the project development has progressed to the final stage.

With Asia continuing to grow at a rapid speed and widely believed to be the game changing the market for business, the Cupertino based company doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned in having a better foothold in this part of the world.

Apple to Set up R&D Center in Jakarta in 2017Jakarta City

After India and China, Apple Now Going to Set Up R&D Center in Indonesia Next Year

“Just wait. [The preparation of the project development] is in the final stage. The Industry Ministry and the Communication and Informatics Ministry are finalizing the plan,” The Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara said after attending the Indonesia PPP Day 2016 in South Jakarta on Thursday, November 24, 2016. Rudiantara revealed that Apple has set the local content in the project and expressed their investment commitment to the project development.” – Tempo, the Indonesian site.

Rudiantara further added that Apple would confirm the location next month, with construction and recruitment in 2017. When asked about the investment value, he declined to reveal it.

As per the report, the tech giant has proposed several options for the R&D center location in Jakarta.

“It’s more important. By late December, they will commence the execution for the location. So, in 2017, they will start building structures and recruiting employees. Apple has proposed several options for the R&D center location in Jakarta. he said.”

Asia has emerged as a very significant market for business. While iPhone sales have been on the year-over-year decline, its sales have been on the rise in India recently. With China having already surpassed the US in App Store revenue and being the most important market for iPhone, Apple wants to have more penetration into the fast emerging market.

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