Apple is likely to launch the all new 10.5-inch iPad in 2017. The tablet will come with the latest A10X processor.

The production of 10.5-inch “education and enterprise” tablet is expected to begin next month. The latest report from DigiTimes further strengthens the rumor that a new iPad model is set to debut.

Apple to Roll Out 10.5-inch Bezel-Free iPad in 2017

Apple to Launch 10.5-inch iPad in 2017

“Apple is launching the 10.5-inch iPad mainly because 10-inch and larger tablets have been popular among enterprises and the education sector in the US, the sources said. Its existing 9.7-inch iPad may be too small and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro too expensive for such procurement, the sources indicated.” DigiTimes.

Recently, a number of reports have claimed that Apple is going to introduce a new tablet. Some have even stated that the 10.5-inch model will be bezel-free and debut alongside 9.7 and 12.9-inch iPads. Powered by the advanced CPU A10X, the tablet will run more smoothly.

“The 10.5-inch iPad will be equipped with Apple-developed CPU A10X which is also used in 12.9-inch iPad Pro.”

Following the huge decline in iPad sales recently, the tech giant is putting more efforts to attract Android users. The launch of the lower-price versions of the 9.7-inch iPad is also on the radar with a view to making inroads into Android tablets.

The edge-to-edge display on the iPad could also provide fair amount of idea about how a bezel-free iPhone 8 would look like.

The 10.5-inch iPad is likely to boost the sales with two million units are expected to be sold in the first-quarter of 2017 and may reach 5-6 million units in the year.

There is not much known with regard to the new features which will arrive with the 2017 model of iPads. If there is anything that most users would want to see in the latest tablet has to be the ability to be a more competent alternative to laptops. What do you think?

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