According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may launch stylus along with its upcoming iPad Pro. The iPad Pro with 12.9 inch screen size and exquisite features is one of the most anticipating products of 2015. The Pro is reported to be launched in the second or third quarter of this year.

Apple Haptic Stylus for iPadIf you are fond of iPad, this could be the beginning of something very special to come. To Kuo, the iPad Pro is being specifically designed to be popular among enterprise and creative users. With loads of killer features including the latest rumored communicating stylus, the Pro may just bring the fading charm to iPad. Take a look at what the stylus has in store for you.

Affordable Price

The stylus will be chargeable via lightning connector. As compared to high priced wireless charging which will require difficult antenna design, it will be affordable to buyers.

Keeping the extravagant price of the iPad in mind, Apple will keep its price reasonably affordable so that customers won’t have to pay a hefty amount to buy the Pro.

An Optional Choice

The stylus will be an optional choice. Hence, customers won’t have to cough up the extra money for the accessory if they don’t consider it worth.

Gyroscope Accelerometer for 3D Handwriting

Once the buyers begin to love using their Pro with the stylus, the tech giant will improve its technology. According to Kuo, the future models will have gyroscope accelerometer to support 3D handwriting. The 3D technology will allow users to write not only on other surfaces but also in the air.

Communicating Stylus

Based on a number of patents filed by Apple with regard to stylus technology, Communicating Stylus is the most recent one. And hence, it is believed to be the name of the stylus. The Communicating Stylus will be equipped to transcribe handwritten notes into digital form.

To Enhance User-Friendly Features

Another thing that may have compelled the Cupertino-based company to bring stylus is to provide more convenience to prospective buyers while using the ultra-big iPad Pro. With the 12.9-inch screen size, the Pro is one of the most anticipated products of 2015 and Apple wants users to experience much improved technology.

The stylus with unique technology might be a viable proposition instead of the usual keyboard and mouse.