Back in 2015, there were rumors about Apple might opt out of 3.5mm audio jack to reduce the thickness of iPhone 7. Instead of 3.5mm jack, an all-in-one lightning connection will do the job for audio output.

As per the latest news published on two of the Chinese websites and Wei Feng, Apple has dropped out 3.5mm jack. The news is based on confirmation from the reliable supply chain. According to the experts, the reason for ditching out 3.5mm jack is to reduce the thickness of iPhone 7 and also to promote Apple’s headphone with lightning connector.

iPhone 7 Without Headphone Jack

If the news turns out to be true, most of the users would be disappointed. Thought there’s always a workaround for everything, you can always use a lightning to 3.5mm converter from Apple (heavily priced).

According to the rumors if Apple plans to remove 3.5mm jack, then there will be a serious issue of charging while using a headphone. To overcome this limitation, it is expected that the new iPhone 7 might feature wireless charging. It’s too much of a technology, but without wireless charging it would really be tough for users to use both features simultaneously.

On the other hand, we conducted a poll on iGeeksBlog last month and the results were surprising. Out of 9,822 total votes, 78% of users were against ditching of 3.5mm jack while only 22% of users were happy with lightning connector to be used for audio output.

Should Apple Drop the 3.5mm Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

What do you think? Should Apple remove 3.5mm jack to reduce the thickness? Or should Apple look for some other workaround? Cast Your vote: