The smartphone industry has been rising vigorously for quite a few years, and that’s because people love portability in their little hands. There’s a cut-throat competition among manufacturers to attract customers, say it Google, Samsung or Apple. Everyone’s fighting their way out to reach on top.

In this race of acquiring market share, Apple is silently making money instead of just focusing on a number of sales. According to the report in one of the financial services firm, Canaccord Genuity Apple is taking away staggering 94% profits from smartphone industry.

Apple Takes 94 Percent of Profits in Smartphone Industry

Apple is completely aware of business practices; no business can survive on sales figures. You need money to research new technology and providing out of the box solutions. This is what takes Apple out of the herd.

As per the report from IDC, Apple holds a tiny share of 13.5% when talking about unit shipments globally in 3rd quarter 2015. Even with this tiny share, Apple is managing to please its shareholders by making some handsome amount of profits.

Canaccord has stated that these figures are not 100% accurate, and the actual figures might be slightly different. Even if we consider little ups and downs in figures, there aren’t any chances of Apple making low profits.

At present, there are many Chinese OEM manufacturers gaining momentum globally by pushing their devices in markets with aggressive pricing and ignoring near-term profits. From all these, Apple is still managing to convert many Android users into iPhone owners.

Coming back to profits, Apple might not be taking 94% of profits, but it is certainly not making losses compared to other OEM manufacturers.

The good times are not over yet and we might see some new and exciting figures, as year-end is almost here.

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  • Dekotaa

    truth be told. Apple products are over expensive without any reason.