Suppliers in Tow Apple Creates & Supports 2.4Mln Jobs in the US

Apple and its Suppliers created and supported 2.4 million jobs and sets an ambitious target to contribute $350Bln to the US economy by 2023, says official press release. Apple attributes its suppliers for its success.

Apple announced that along with its Suppliers, it helped create and support 2.4 million jobs across 50 US states, according to the official press release.

It also informed that it currently employs 90,000 in all 50 states, with plans to create 20,000 new jobs across the US by 2023.

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Apple also announced early this year the opening of a new campus on hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space, a lab, and research space in San Diego recruiting 1,200. In Seattle, it says 2,000 highly skilled engineering positions will be added to help boost its contribution target of $350 billion by 2023.

Apple Adds New Jobs Empowering App Economy Boom

The presser says, “Altogether, Apple is responsible for creating and supporting 2.4 million US jobs across all 50 states, four times the number of American jobs attributable to the company eight years ago. Apple is on pace to directly contribute $350 billion to the US economy by 2023, which the company announced in January of 2018.”

It adds, “A significant amount of the jobs Apple supports in the US are found in the booming app economy, which is currently responsible for 1.9 million American jobs — an increase of 325,000 in the last two and a half years. Several states saw double-digit growth during that period, including a 43 percent increase in North Carolina, representing almost 15,000 new jobs, and a 50 percent increase in Florida, which added almost 30,000 new jobs. Pennsylvania saw a 64 percent increase in growth, going from 40,800 jobs in 2016 to more than 67,000 today.”

Apple Partners With Successful Suppliers Like Maccor, Broadcom & Finisar

On the jobs front, it names suppliers of eminence providing products like batteries (Maccor), Broadcom Limited (high-performance radio frequency modules and components) and Finisar (lasers called VCSELs, used to power FaceID). They are among its 9000 odd suppliers whose success stories were linked with job generation apart from new opportunities to expand its existing supplier relationships.

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On supplier relationship, president of Maccor Andy MacKay says, “The relationship with Apple has been tremendous and company-changing for us. We want to build the absolute best equipment we can build — we don’t want to cut corners. Apple is a company where quality is paramount and they push us constantly to see if we can make improvements in our commercial product.”  

For Apple, supplier Maccor has earned itself a reputation as the top manufacturer of battery testing systems in the world. Today, it is located just a mile away from Tulsa, Oklahoma where it originated and possesses an 80,000 square feet space and growing.

Supplier’s Success With Apple Contributes to Growth & Progress of US Economy

Tracing Maccor’s success story, the presser says that the company had only 60 employees, 15 years since it started supplying batteries to Apple. Today it has over 130 with a brand new facility in San Jose, California. Last year, Maccor added a third of the staff and hiring more skilled workers is in the offing.

Going ahead, Maccor offered scholarships to 50 students to attend the University of Tulsa, USA, thus contributing its mite for the progress of the American society at large.

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As for Finisar, it bagged Apple’s $390 million Advanced Manufacturing Fund in December 2017 and now is on track to fill 500 full-time positions in Sherman, Texas, besides adding 1,000 new construction jobs.

Apple has found a mutually beneficial and collaborative process at enriching lives of its employees, and those of its supplier partners which continuously develops.

Apple can proudly rest on successful global supplier partnerships that it has come a long way. Add its generous contribution in terms of jobs and economic success towards building the USA, and what you have is the ‘real spirit’ of this major.

Do you agree that Apple Inc has significantly contributed to the growth of America and its populace? Share your thoughts.

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